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This Famicom GamePad Skin is a Thing of Beauty

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

A retro reminder every day

So, who is it says that the Japanese market gets all of the coolest limited edition Nintendo hardware and accessories? Well, lots of people, including us at Nintendo Life — because it's often true. The latest example is the pictured Famicom skin on the way to lovingly cover Wii U GamePad controllers in Nintendo's homeland.

The odds of this coming West are practically nil, we suspect, as it is based on the colour-scheme of the Japan-only Famicom design, that iconic gold and red that's recognisable to many fans of the company. This is the work of Datel Japan and goes on sale in July for ¥1,980, which equates to around $20.

It may seem silly, from some perspectives, to wrap up a device released in 2012 in a design that was first made famous 30 years ago, but when it looks awesome we'd feel inclined to make an exception. That's just opinion, of course, so let us know in the comments whether you think this is a gorgeous piece of retro reminiscence, or if you'd rather not deck out your GamePad in its designs.


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klautrec said:

It's so beautiful that I would stick that in my face! I hope it comes to the west cause I want it!!



BrightBeing said:

Really cool. But as soon as someone perfects the NES design... I might have to buy it. I've seen some NES designs out there, but none seemed quite right.



SilentHunter382 said:

@BrightBeing Same here. I mostly try and go for custom looking controllers (love my gears 3 controller). Hell I would even love a SNES one with matching colour buttons.

EDIT: Don't correct me spell checker. I spelled colour right.



BossBattles said:

It is mind boggling that nintendo doesn't release retro versions of their consoles.
It would create interest and easy money.



nomeacuerdo said:

Yeah, following the train of thought of @BossBattles, a 30th anniversary special edition of a WiiU styled like a Famicon would push a couple of much needed sales, I would think. Also, it would be super awesome.



dizzy_boy said:

I'm not to keen on the idea of decals, I would prefer if Nintendo actually made the controller in those colours.



Funny_Moblin said:

Attention Nintendo Life. Super Mario Bros. 2 is coming out May 16 for Wii U VC. I thought you guys might be interested in the news.



rjejr said:

Much better. I won't be absurd and say it would have sold better looking like that from the start, but at least it would have given it a talking point to get peoples attention.



Dpullam said:

It looks pretty cool. I tried decals once and didn't really like them that much so I probably won't get anymore of them anytime soon. I would certainly like a custom 3DS though!



eleven59 said:

why do they continue to do things like this? id buy it and i dont even have a U... just to have it for a possible future purchase



wiggy said:

Goes and grabs Wuu controller, takes out caliper, opens Illustrator...



ccanfield1 said:

I never buy decals but because of the issue with fingerprints showing so easily on the black Wii U, I bought the original NES design skin from Decal Girl's website. I love the look on my Wii U and no more annoying fingerprint marks to keep cleaning off.



SetupDisk said:

Looks cool but I rather the way my gamepad looks now.

A monster hunter skin, that would be kickbutt!



Pj1 said:

What about a SNES version! Please Nintendo let it happen.



Thomcan said:

I just feel the need to reiterate the beauty of the game boy micro famicom edition.

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