So, who is it says that the Japanese market gets all of the coolest limited edition Nintendo hardware and accessories? Well, lots of people, including us at Nintendo Life — because it's often true. The latest example is the pictured Famicom skin on the way to lovingly cover Wii U GamePad controllers in Nintendo's homeland.

The odds of this coming West are practically nil, we suspect, as it is based on the colour-scheme of the Japan-only Famicom design, that iconic gold and red that's recognisable to many fans of the company. This is the work of Datel Japan and goes on sale in July for ¥1,980, which equates to around $20.

It may seem silly, from some perspectives, to wrap up a device released in 2012 in a design that was first made famous 30 years ago, but when it looks awesome we'd feel inclined to make an exception. That's just opinion, of course, so let us know in the comments whether you think this is a gorgeous piece of retro reminiscence, or if you'd rather not deck out your GamePad in its designs.