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Nintendo UK Wants To Know Why You Love Your 3DS

Posted by Damien McFerran

"3DSreasons" campaign hits YouTube and other social networks

The 3DS is having a bumper 2013, with titles like Fire Emblem: Awakening, Luigi's Mansion 2, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate thrilling fans all over the globe. However, killer software isn't the only reason to love Nintendo's popular portable — and with that in mind, Nintendo UK is asking owners to come up with their own justifications for adoring the handheld system.

"3DSreasons" is a campaign which has been launched on YouTube but encompasses Twitter and Facebook, too. Nintendo UK is asking fans to reply with their own personal suggestions by leaving a comment, posting to Twitter under the hashtag #3DSreasons or even creating their own unique video response on YouTube.

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We encourage you to take part in this campaign, as it really lets Nintendo know what you love about your 3DS — which means the company can do more of the same in the future. Of course, please also post a comment below to tell us what reason you gave — sharing is good, remember?


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darkfenrir said:

I love my 3DS because of Kid Icarus: Uprising and Luigi's Mansion 2, and I bought it mainly because of Pokemon X/Y too. 83



Zup said:

3D without glasses AND a brand new Nintendo handheld (at the time). Best investment of my life.



Barbiegurl777 said:

I love my 3ds because of the graphics & because of:

Style Savvy - 3DS
Moshi Monsters - 3DS
Imagine Babyz - 3DS
Angry Birds - 3DS
Nintendo Dogs + Cats - 3DS

With out the 3DS I would probably never tried or heard of the above games.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



Gregor said:

It's an all in one portable tank! Retail downloads (owns a 32 gig SD card), awsome eShop exclusives, full backwards compatibility, awsome Virtual Console Support, top quality games (sometimes higher than consoles), and the graphics have proved the self to be beyond passable (although I would like to see more effort go into games other than Mario)



Peach64 said:

Easy to answer... Fire Emblem and Luigi's Mansion! Expecting to add New Leaf to the list of reasons very soon.



SuperSah said:

Hardware quality is superb.
Amazing games: MH3U, MK7, DKCR etc.
eShop is good.
Easy to carry around.
Power of a Wii means beautiful games.
Everything I wanted in one.
Oh, and 3D. In my hands! What else?!



Revolution5268 said:

The power of "BACKWARDS COMPARABLE" and "USE GAMES"!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!

.....unlike PS VItanic and XBOX ONE.



DreamyViridi said:

The Great Quality.
The Fantastic Retail Games.
The cool eShop and VC downloads.
The DS compatibility.

Kid Icarus: Uprising, Fire Emblem and Mario Kart make it the greatest for me.



Yoshi3DS said:

Brings back memories i had as a kid (mainly mario games),
amazing games
online play which is(or someday will be) much better than the wii's



AlternateButtons said:

Luigis Mansion Dark Moon, Super Mario 3D Land and Kid Icarus Uprising! And soon Animal Crossing New Leaf! (can't wait for June 9th!)



idork99 said:

1. The 3D. (I have 20/20 vision so I'm all about the visuals and the 3DS does not disappoint).

Runner up reasons:
2. Streetpass
3. Selection of games (both retro and new)



Shiryu said:

The amount of quality built tech and quality games easily transported in my pocket.



kaptenSwe said:

It's really awesome!!!! so good!!! maybe because of all things I could do with it, but I want one more game to 3ds! Super mario 3d land 2! I't should be a little bit like ps3:s 'little big planet'. You now, create own levels, long main story, upload your own levels and so on! That would be awesome!!! Everyone shoyld buy it!



Vee_Flames said:

Simple. Games, 3D effect without glasses, good online features, and download retail games. Wonderful handheld!



Ralizah said:

In general:

  • Compelling glasses-free 3D
  • Strong game library with consistently excellent support
  • Portable Virtual Console

In regards to the XL model:

  • A sleep, sexy design


maxsonnage said:

I love my 3ds because it really is that good. I don't think I've bought more games for another console. Ambassador games were a great present. (yoshis island). Mario kart 7, Cave story 3d, Kid Icarus, NSMB2, Zelda OOT, Paper Mario, VVVVVV, Resi' revelations, Pullblox, Pilotwings, Angry birds, Castlevania, Luigis mansion 2, Fire Emblem and my fav' Bit trip saga. Soon Animal Crossing, DKC3D. I love it



jon45030 said:

because of the amazing effort and hard work they put into there games to make the games great and fun for the costumers



Williaint said:

It's practically a portable Wii, with 3D.
Unlike most people, I tend to play it plugged in...



ramstrong said:

Best hardware form factor (both 3DS and XL has points going for them). Not being tied to the couch while playing games is a big plus. 3D video and camera.
Various paint programs, Colors 3D, New Arts Academy.
Various music programs.
Petit Computer

Seriously, if they put some kind of BASIC programming on WiiU, I'd seriously consider getting it. I also love the fact that WiiU has video chat, and I'd like that on 3DS, too!



bassoongoon said:

From what I have played on a friend's 3DS, I have to say that I love it because it offers a home console experience in a portable handheld. I cannot wait to get my own midnight purple 3DS! Its going to be a while; I hope that they do not discontinue the color



Justaguest said:

Many consider it a gimmick but I am loving the 3ds effect and am addicted to it. It is turned on all the time:)



wicked636 said:

@Peach64 i would have to agree with u they are two of the best games on the system. fire emblem eing my favorite on it and lm maybe 3 or 4



SubZer023 said:

From the great 1st and 3rd party games, to the great online in kid icarus, Residentevil revelations, Mario kart 7 and just many more, great Rpgs like Kingdom hearts 3D, Tales of the abyss Dragon Quest, Bravely Defult Flying Fairy, i love Friendslist in talking to my Friends online, the Great apps it has. the 3D is so amazing as well as the Graphics i honestly in personaly feel that the 3DS graphics Far surpass Wii graphics



Sakura said:

The games are awesome with really innovative gameplay from drawing on the screen, blowing in the mic and using the buttons to jump or select or so much more than a "normal" console. I also love the sense of community offered by streetpass and spotpass content. The Miiverse on WiiU is great, but still like the web whereas the portability of the 3DS makes it a different experience. Attend a convention and you'll know what I mean by community. I want some special miis though! We're supposed to collect 10 and only 1 has been released! That's rubbish NintendoUK!



Treetwig said:

3ds without glasses?Incredible features on 1 epic console?Pheww this is the ultimate console and it's unbeatable

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