Anne Screen

In recent times we've seen plenty of Kickstarter projects offer up stretch goals for Wii U or 3DS releases, and a number of them have hit those targets. A.N.N.E, on the other hand, doesn't look likely to hit its amended Wii U target of $140,000, as it's resting on just under $90,000 — at the time of writing — with 24 hours to go. Even by Kickstarter standards, a bump in contributions to that scale seems unlikely.

Nevertheless, the game has hit its main funding target, and developer Gamesbymo has now confirmed that systems listed as stretch goals will still receive the title, but that release is likely to take longer without the extra cash available up front. Below is the update confirming this stance, which includes a hopeful plea for a late push in donations.

The consoles listed in the stretch goals will happen regardless of if we meet the stretch goals or not. But it will take longer than if we do meet the stretch goals. This could be a good opportunity for the wishful to pledge $15 and up and then when the game comes out on console later, it will be a good reason to explore Planet Gomi a second time!

This is a title that wears its 16-bit identity clearly for all to see, with higher pledges even coming with a Super NES-style box and decorative cartridge. Described as a "Metroidvania-style platformer with a unique focus on open exploration", its PC release is targeting early-to-mid 2014; assuming the Wii U stretch goal isn't hit, it could be a while before this pixel-based adventure makes its way to Nintendo's system.

Thanks to Edinam for the tip.