The Denpa Men: They Came By The Wave is one of the more bizarre games to make it to the 3DS eShop, but we're very glad it did as it managed to captivate many a Western gamer.

Naturally, Japanese 3DS owners enjoyed it quite a lot too so Genius Sonority quickly got to work on making a sequel. Due to the success in the West, it also confirmed The Denpa Men 2: Beyond The Waves would be localised.

It's not been known when the game will be made available, however IGN has reported the upcoming dungeon crawler has a tentative released date of 2nd May for the North American eShop.

Genius Sonority has its roots firmly planted in the Dragon Quest series of games, as it came to be after the demise of Heartbeat, which worked on Dragon Quest VI and VII. The developer's executive director, Chihiro Kobayashi told IGN the studio wants The Denpa Men 2: Beyond The Waves to be just as hard as the games in the Dragon Quest series, so if you're expecting an easy time you should probably think again.

There's no news on a European release date just yet, but we're hoping it won't be too far away either.

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