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Special AR Pre-Paid Cards Coming To Japan

Posted by Andy Green

Satoru Iwata shows them off during a Chotto Direct

Satoru Iwata has announced a selection of new special pre-paid cards will be coming to Japan during a Chotto Nintendo Direct. What's so special about them? Well, they double up as augmented reality cards, which can be used in conjunction with new 3DS downloadable AR software called Isshoni Photo.

The software will be free to download and can be accessed by simply scanning the QR code that comes with the card. Japanese 3DS owners will be able to use the software to take photos of the characters and interact with them.

There will be a total of six pre-paid cards made available, all of which feature characters from the Mario Bros. series. The first batch of cards feature a Goomba (1,000 Yen), Mario (2,000 Yen) and Peach (3,000 Yen), and will be available in stores on 23rd April. The second trio will be Koopa Troopa (1,000 Yen), Luigi (2,000 Yen) and Bowser (3,000 Yen) and there's no release date for them just yet.

Interestingly, the cards can be placed next to one another to watch the characters interact. Each character has their own emotional responses which you can observe using the 3DS.

There's no news yet on whether or not these cards will make it outside of Japan. We're looking forward to seeing how they all interact with each other. You can check out the entire Chotto Direct presentation below. It shows off a few of the cards and also reveals some new footage of the upcoming eShop titles Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ranger and Freakyforms Deluxe.

What are your thoughts on these new AR pre-paid cards? Would you like to see them come to Western shores? Let us know in the comments below.

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Hunter-D said:

Hey, they should all be Luigi!
Imagine a whole bunch of AR Luigis clumsily bumbling about on your screen, that would be hilarious.

Anyway, I would like to see those come here even though they're not necessary it's a nice extra for buying a pre-paid card also I want to see how far Nintendo will take this. At the moment I don't need to buy pre-paid cards but if these come to west it will be nice to collect them over time, but I'm doubtful, we haven't seen the 2nd series of Kid Icarus Cards yet and I can't find the binder either.



Guybrush20X6 said:

Love how Peach is the most expensive one. Guess they want the moneh of the people who want pictures with their VG crush.



GazPlant said:

That's a clever way of making me buy a lot of eShop credit I'll never need... Well played Nintendo



LavaTwilight said:

They need to do more AR cards but these look awesome! It's a shame only Kid Icarus have really utilised it (there are some others but not to such an extent) - I'd love to see Nintendo do more of these!



Aqueous said:

My first thought was that is expensive, then I worked out they were the eshop cards, well I might have to get them if they came, they be kind of cool.



Dpullam said:

I certainly want them. I just wish Nintendo would create more AR games for the 3DS. The originals are fun but I have played them quite a few times and would like different ones to play. I am sure that they haven't run out of good ideas yet so I am still hopeful that we will see more AR Games in the future.



Captain_Gonru said:

I'd buy them. I usually add funds via prepaid cards anyways, so giving me some AR fun in the deal seems like a win-win to me.
And speking of underutilized features, when will we get another game that uses the Play Coins? I can only buy the same puzzle pieces so many times.



Cygnus said:

Meanwhile, the really awesome releases of things in North America are:



C7_ said:

Clever marketing Nintendo; that's $120 worth of eshop credit being sold with cardboard that costs virtually nothing for you.

And yet I want them so much D=



Lilifish said:

Nintendo, you are so mean! That makes me want to have all 6 cards, which is not good for my wallet! XD



alLabouTandroiD said:

Man, this looks so fun. While i'm not a big fan of buying heaps of eShop cash before i need to ... if this is the only way to get this fun stuff to the West so be it.

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