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Ikaruga Creator's Kokuga Blasting Its Way To The West

Posted by Andy Green

The 3DS 'shmup' has been rated in Germany

Hiroshi Iuchi the creator of the intense Dreamcast (and later, GameCube) top-down polarity shooter Ikaruga also developed a title for the 3DS called Kokuga with 'shmup' specialist G.Rev.

The game was released in Japan last September and hopes of a Western adaptation appeared to be slim. However, there is now evidence that Kokuga will make it overseas as it's been rated by Germany’s USK board where it says the text has been translated into English.

Kokuga is a little different to Ikaruga in that it isn't as bullet-heavy as the Dreamcast classic. In this one you take 20 cards with you into battle, all of which give you a helpful boost should you start to become overwhelmed. It also features a unique four-player mode, which will certainly add to its longevity.

It's unknown if Kokuga will be a fully fledged retail release or an eShop download - either way, this comes as welcome news.

Are you looking forward to playing Kokuga on your 3DS? Check out the trailer below and let us know your thoughts on it in the comments section.

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Dpullam said:

I don't usually play these types of games but I will keep my eye on this one.



SwerdMurd said:

this isn't a shoot em up... It's an arena shooter.

It looks OK...but I feel duped.



timp29 said:

Ikaruga is hard. Brutally hard. I have it, but rarely fire up my Wii to play it any more.

Never got past level 3. Bring Ikaruga to VC!



gojiguy said:

wicked news. Hoping to see this come to the west soon. Retail release, please!!



Kilroy said:

@Retro_on_theGo I don't know, Ikaruga seems like it belongs on a bigger (see: TV) screen, only because of how small some of the bullets can get. Even on an XL, I imagine struggling to see each of the smaller bullets.



Platinumhobo said:

I need shmups on my Nintendo systems. Let us know as soon as this is gonna pop up on NA eshop.

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