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Did You Catch The Super Mario Easter Egg In Castlevania: Mirror Of Fate?

Posted by Damien McFerran

If you didn't, allow us to save you the bother

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate launched worldwide recently to a somewhat mixed reception. We really liked it, and the fact that it contains an amusing reference to Nintendo's Super Mario series only endears it to us even further.

The Easter egg of which we speak is found on a dead body in the sewers, hence the Super Mario connection. Seems like Luigi was having a particularly bad day when he penned this:

Thanks to ViRtUaLbOy11 for supplying the photo!

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AtomicToaster said:

Just finished it, will probably come back to it and play to 100 percent and to also play hard mode. I'd like to see a bigger outing and maybe focus on one character along with more exploration but this first game was a lot of fun! I think a lot of the complaints we're unwarranted. They're trying something new for the portable series and I'm sure we're going to see them expand on the ideas as they iron out a brand new formula!

I thought the game look pretty and the combat system was good. I don't get all the hate, I think it's mostly people that played the original games so obsessively and so many times that a change wasn't welcome, they wanted more of the same.

Sometimes I think if a reviewer is one of those types of people that plays a game like say Mario 64, a hundred million times. Well, they forget the flaws because they're good enough at the game that they adapted to all of the flaws. So when a new game comes out that tries to make improvements they say, "This is crap!" because they forget the old game had flaws, now the flaws are a formula that can't be improved on and they aren't as good at the new formula because they didn't spend a million hours over 20 years on the new title so they don't like it. It's a tough situation for game devs I'm sure. You're damned if you keep it the same and you're damned if you try something new!




@AtomicToaster I don't get it either, I mean, yes I'm thankful symphony of the night existed, but that doesn't mean all castlevania games should be like that.
This game opted for trying something new and different so the series could be revived but as always, haters bashed it like there was no tomorrow.
Getting 100% is not THAT HARD, but I recommend you use the touch screen reminders you can leave on the map, otherwise you will forget where some treasures or souls are, believe me.



gundam00 said:

I caught that in the game. Overall, I think this post should be marked as a Spoiler for those wanting to discover this on their own. I had to re-read the scroll in the game a couple times before I realized it was Luigi — I was totally not expecting it!

You should at least Spoiler-proof the image so people can enter the post without getting easter-egged in their face. You guys should do something like the forums do, where the spoiler is hidden, and the user has to voluntarily click the spoiler in order to view it.



StarDust4Ever said:

Mushrooms: Eat one; you get big. Eat two; you spit fire. Eat three; your head explodes, or just simply detaches from your body and floats away. You may also become invincible temporarily. Truly mind-warping stuff; approach with caution...



Henmii said:

Fun easter-egg on a game I have yet to play (it's not available at my local shop).
But poor Luigi!

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