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ZombiU Developer Announces A Patch Is On The Way

Posted by Andy Green

Fix announced in the game itself

Gamers who've been playing through ZombiU know all about the interesting messages the development team leave plastered and pasted to the walls and floors of various areas in the game environment.

One such message appeared very recently revealing that a patch is on the way. There were previously a few murmuring rumours that ZombiU wouldn't be getting any patches, but it seems they were unfounded. The message reads:

We are working on a patch. More details soon. - ZombiU DevTeam

It's unknown what this patch specifically intends to fix at the moment but it looks like it will be available to download in the very near future.

Have you been experiencing any issues with ZombiU that should be a priority for a fix? Let us know in the comments section below.


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Jonny said:

Zombies being able to attack me through walls, zombies without arms hitting me, being able to run through the shutter doors in a closing set piece near the safe house and worst of all - losing a survivor in the catacombs below Tower of London only to have him not regenerate as a zombie to get my stuff back despite restarting multiple times, so yeah a few things they can work on.

Oh, also door loading, I should not nearly die because a game takes forever to load the area beyond a door and I can't open it until it does.



FubumblR said:

I would hope they'll fix the nursery glitch; if you obtain the quest item and then blow yourself to smithereens with one of those oxygen tank zombies, then there's no way to get the item back since your body is gone after that...apparently. Luckily, I avoided such a fate and made it through relatively unscathed.

I've also experienced zombies that get stuck in random places (makes it nice for an easy kill, haha!) and once a zombie fell through the floor on to a lower level...I had to go downstairs and club its bloody head off (I had to make sure it wouldn't follow me, duh!)

Oh, and I definitely hope they fix the loading issues despite the fact I always wait to open a door until I'm sure the disc drive is done making all its noises, because this game turns me into a big 'ol scaredy cat!



Wildfire said:

It was about time!
My first play of this game went well untill I reached the gas tank and then upon arriving to the hideout the lights wouldn't turn on and as if that wasn't enough the door wich leaded to the next mission, saving some girl in a church , wouldn't open. I was stranded there with a breacking glitch.
I waited some time, as no patch seemed to arrive I did like so many others and tried a second play by deleting the file and starting all over again. The same thing happened, this time early on the super market. Upon arriving the hideout the game won't let me progress and marking the supermarket as my goal. I go there and then the game marks the hideout and then on the hideout tells me to go the supermarket and so on and so forth... sigh
I was having a blast with Zombie U but now I just don't want to play it unless they fix it up with this patch.



SilentHunter382 said:

I reached a dead end after Spoiller
London tower where you have to down an alley to a locked door but you have to use the scanner in the area to find the password but for me its not showing for me. I know it will only show up once you have the upgrade but I got that upgrade in London tower but for some reason it isn't working for me. I know I am not the only person affected by this glitch.
Spoiler ended.

I hope they fix this glitch in this patch as well as other glitches people have been experiencing.



JAPBOO said:

im being in several forums and over miiverse, the most common glich it is the nursery one that FubumblR mentioned. I'm stuck there, i die by the oxygen guy, now i cant get the antibiotics back as the door where i die wont open...this is happening to many many people... i refuse to play the game because i spent a good amount of hours getting there and i have few times to play. I have other games on the line so I will be playing these while the patch is out...hope is a reality, I was planning to buy ACIII but now im not sure



WanderingPB said:

I personally love the fact that ZombiU has me nervous each time i play because i dont want to die…i havent run into as many glitches as others but if these "glitches" make the game unplayable how come so many people have successfully beat it in survival mode? I wonder if they used secrets or good strategy? Either way im curious to see what this patch brings. I cant wait for ZombiU 2



LavaTwilight said:

Where does he get his source from?

I've found the door loading glitch is only after I've first turned the game on and taken a shortcut so I'm usually clear of zombies til then. I've found that the game freezes sometimes, particularly when I'm trying to 'drop' an item to make more room in my backpack. That hasn't been fatal yet and all I need to do is take the gamepad out of reach of the console and it seems to recorrect itself.

I have however found one bug, when I went from Victoria Memorial to Tower Of London, an error message came up saying an 'unexpected error occured' and I had to click 'ok'. I thought it was going to delete my game or take me back to the main menu but then the ToL seemed to load up without any issues so I was relieved there. Dunno what happened. Anyone else had that?



PinkSpider said:

I think he is making it up he has an xbox logo as his avatar so hes probably trolling, gamespot have not changed there score



daveh30 said:

I personally have not experienced any glitches in 2 complete runs through the game. I'd love to see a secondary melee weapon added... but its probably a fix for the infamous nursery basement glitch... that i've yet to be able to trigger.



daznsaz said:

ive been playing since its release,dont get any glitches,runs like a dream.



steve1234 said:

I have just got to the end sequence of the game and my console shut down (electricity problem), when i loaded it back up and expected it to start the mission over it just says "escape to safe house". I have tried going all the way back to the survival arena then back to safe house but it wont work.Hope this problem gets fixed as i have spent a long tim on the game and cant finish it.



EaZy_T said:

I got stuck in the wall on opening the door to the supermarket; I couldn't move or hit anything, but enemies could hit me.



MAB said:

Yeah I have been playing this since launch and I haven't had any issues... Why patch a game that works fine



9th_Sage said:

Of course that 'patch info' from the Ubisoft forums is false. For one, it's dated as having been made in December. I wish you'd not posted that, there's bound to be a few people who don't bother to read more than a few sentences of it and get horribly confused. That said, though I've actually not run into any of the bugs (I saw that Nursery 'tank' zombie a mile away so I got him before he got me) I hope they fix those up. Also blah blah load times, if possible.



JAPBOO said:

wow.. i feel so unlike to get this nursery thing to note, for me a patch is to correct something from being wrong, meaning fixing something, if they are changing gameplay, for me that's more like an "upgrade" or whatever term aplies there.... so i still hope this "patch" is to fix any errors that prevent people to make progress like me...



Lopezdm said:

I'm glad I haven't played this game too much.(In school for game art and design)
I would like a few more melee weapons added if they can to make up for the glitches.



TreesenHauser said:

Shorter load times would be nice. Also, I can't be the only one that notices when I tap the radar icon, either red dots will show up without a zombie, or the room will appear empty until a zombie ups and kills me outta nowhere.



HouseofBees said:

There are a few bad glitches in the game; (spoiler) I got stuck at the nursery, for instance - just as the prepper opened the door, I got killed. I got the antibiotics back, but the petrol cannister never appeared, so I had nowhere to go. Also, zombies can notice and attack you through doors.

Despite all these, though, it's an excellent game.



WeAreMomo said:

Chances are they will get to all the glitches and the Item Duping exploit. I love it but I want to see it go.



MadJay1664 said:

Can't wait to see what's in this update. Just bought the guide and I'm gonna play through survivor mode again as soon as the update comes. Hopefully we'll see something new. Maybe new multiplayer maps or new zombie skins!



Grubdog said:

I've played through the entire game 3 times and not seen any bugs except a zombie who got his head stuck in the wall. Made for a fun batting.

I'm hoping the patch adds something new since I never fell into the "game-breaking" traps which honestly seem self-inflicted half the time.

@TreesenHauser you do know the red dots don't mean zombie right? Red dots show up for every living thing including birds and mice.



daviboy said:

A few glitches I found, when tryin to come out of the backpack the maps on the gamepad but I'm still in the backpack on the screen, at the end of the game I was able to walk through the shutters and the zombies crawled through the shutters which made for quite a few easy kills, also I killed the doc and took the eye but my mission was still to kill the doc had to delete file and start again had got all that way with 3 survivors not happy



thommyompsen said:

I died whilst trying to 'return to the safe house' on the arena mission. I re-spawned in the safe house but no matter what I did it would not complete the mission. I did some research and quite a few people have encountered this bug. I contacted the dev. team and they said the would "look into it". Three months later and still nothing...I haven't played it since and wont until it is fixed. Very disappointed, it has ruined my experience of a game I was really enjoying.



Adzong said:

There is no fuel can to fill up the generator and I have unlocked the door leading to the St Georges Church mission, but the door won't actually open.




Danlida said:

I really hope that they fix the nursery glitch,I am stuck )=< so I am going to stop playing it untill they realese the patch....or untill it's been awhile so I don't feel bored replaying the same thing again......and by that time I proabably would have forgotten about the glitch and I would get stuck again )=<.

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