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The Amazing Spider-Man: Ultimate Edition Not Releasing Down Under

Posted by Andy Green

Australia misses out on yet another Wii U title

Australian Wii U owners are having a tougher time than those in other regions, with a handful of games not making the trip Down Under.

Activision has confirmed that another of its Wii U titles will not be releasing in Australia. This time it's The Amazing Spider-Man: Ultimate Edition.

This is the third Activision game that hasn't been released, showing that the publisher has a clear lack of faith in the Aussie market. 007 Legends and The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct are the other two titles that won't ever see the bright Australian sunshine.

A reason for the latest absence was not given by Activision.

The Amazing Spider-Man: Ultimate Edition is an updated version of the game that has been on other platforms since last year. It features all of the DLC from the original and is set to be released on 5th and 8th March in North America and Europe respectively.

This will be a shame for Australian gamers who were hoping to pick up a copy of the game, especially with the news coming so close to its release date.

What are your thoughts on this, Australia? Are you disappointed to be missing out on yet another Activision title? Fire off in the comments below.


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rndethan said:

The thing is that if an Australian wants to play this game so bad, they can just buy the Europe version since it's also PAL. All the possibilities... Thanks to the internet (:




well first off, this ain't nintendos fault, and secondly if australian gamers really want these games, you can always go on ebay and just buy the pal region copies from other countries in europe.

And also if the ausie gamers feel strongly about these decisions, then you really need to make your vioces heard in whatever way you can.

you don't want bull$h*t like this turning into a trend for publishers



MAB said:

Aussies are just way too laid back and relaxed to kick up a fuss about nothing... I mean look what happened with the Cronulla riots everyone forgot about it the next day because the cricket started



kissoon said:

Can't say I care much for this game but it is another blow for us Aussie gamers. Just gives me another reason to buy off UK ebay sellers, apart from the much cheaper price that is.



cornishlee said:

If my Aussie friends are anything to go by they're pretty used to buying all sorts of things from British internet sites now anyway but really that only further begs the question. When there are no further costs associated beyond shipping then why not make it available there?



Chunky_Droid said:

When it comes to PS360 we very rarely not have something come out, but in saying that this is in terms of the past 4 years, after they had established user bases.

I don't think many consoles sell very well to begin with in Australia (this is just off the top of my head remembering numbers, please correct me if I am wrong!) so Activision clearly don't see a profit in releasing it on Wii U if there's no Wii Us currently in Australian homes.

Simple as that.



bahooney said:

Dang. I was really hoping that the Amazing Spiderman would be the answer to AUS's devilishly poor Wii U sales performance. Another dream shattered.



TheAdza said:

No biggie. Would be nice to see on shelves. I wasn't planning to buy it. What I am more concerned about is the Aussie eShop pricing, and why I get charged an international transaction fee from my bank for buying eshop games from the Australian eShop.



TheAdza said:

And why Nintendo Australia don't have an email address so I can voice my concerns about these matters, among others, like having to hard reset my WiiU nearly every time I use Miiverse because my system freezes.



LiamR said:

@Azooooz The Wii U isn't doing well because the Australian market won't be able to purchase a year old port of Amazing Spiderman? Suuuuure.



Banker-Style said:

Yep because 007 Legends,The Waking Dead,and Spider-Man will be massive system sellers for the Wii U.



grayadamson said:

Eh. Cheaper to import from the UK anyway. I'll likely just grab it from OzGameShop or Amazon, as usual.



grayadamson said:

The Australia and New Zealand markets are classed as part of Europe by the big three. Nintendo Europe is based in Germany, which is likely why there's a currency exchange fee charged.
For 3DS eShop, I'd recommend doing what I do and change your profile location to Ireland so you can get the games cheaper.



UnseatingKDawg said:

I feel for Australia. This crap needs to stop. I mean, seriously, how hard is it to release a game worldwide?



C-Olimar said:

To be honest, none of the games not releasing in Australia are any good, so they're not really missing out.



melonarius said:

No big, really. With prices the way they are over here it was always cheaper to just import from EU. Last game I actually bought over here was Scribblenauts Unlimited solely because I COULDN'T import it.



timp29 said:

At first I was like A-holes! Then I was like didn't want them anyway. Shrug... cricket is on.



Chunky_Droid said:

Overall this isn't really about not wanting a game or 'oh well it's crap anyway', it's decisions like these that are sending a message saying the Wii U isn't selling well here.

I didn't think Nintendo Australia did a bad job of promoting it here but it did need more exposure in the build up to launch



SneakyStyle said:

It's most likely because of our classification board being so slow and costing so much compared to other countries. I've lodged my complaint @

Via the email contact form, I believe as many aussies as possible should complain to them about the cost and time consumption resulting in so many great games pulling out of release here. ><



MAB said:

Struth mate! just couldn't be bothered... The Cricket is on

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