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Paper Mario: Sticker Star Advert Gets Literal

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

A big effort for 30 seconds

So, there's a cool new advert for Paper Mario: Sticker Star running in North America, which some of you may have already seen. It works with the idea of representing gameplay with stop-motion animation, using paper and card for an authentic look that, to the game's credit, isn't actually a million miles away from in-game footage.

It's a neat trailer, but there are also two minute-long behind the scenes videos showing how it came together, detailing the mix of clever technology and old-fashioned handicraft that went into the 30 second video. We think these videos are quite snazzy, so encourage you to spare a few minutes to check them out below.


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Auracle said:

Very cool! If I didn't have to worry about cats, I'd love to have those paper models in my house.



NintyMan said:

Wow, I didn't know that was real paper in the commercial! That's very neat.



yobucky said:

@Exile20 Yeah I agree totally, my wife and I have now spent a combined total of 70 hours in the game to finish it (2 seperate games obviously) and get all the stickers. It's not thousand year door but it's still a very enjoyable game to play and a far more worthy barer of the paper Mario name than the Wii version. It's the newest game we own and has already taken over top spot on our chart.



SanderEvers said:

@Chaoslink1 There is some post processing animation, but if you can't recognize the stop motion animation than you should go and watch some stop motion movies

Like for once the realistic lights.



Emaan said:

I saw this back in late 2012 when the holidays were going on. I had no idea this much work was actually put into it. This is really cool!



Kirk said:

I actually wish the game graphics were this clean and sharp. Not that they are bad but I'd like someone to start using a bit more anti-aliasing on the 3DS or something. It's the one issue I have with the graphics in a lot of the games on the system.

Cool ad though.



Oscarsome said:

It's a bit depressing that the commercial had this much effort put into it when the game itself felt really bare-bones. If a commercial gets this much attention, the game should get tons more. It was a great game, for sure, but it could have been so much better. They took out so many thing things (like Bowser isn't able to speak? What?). It was just missing the Paper Mario charm, I suppose. It was still nicely made.



jedisquidward said:

Not to sound like a graphics idiot, but the graphics in the game look really meh. If they could somehow capture the look of the commercial, it would look really amazing.



Capt_N said:

@yobokkie: "...a far more worthy barer of the paper Mario name than the Wii version." SPM was good, but I like this, & the other 2 a bit better.

Got it, & NSMB2 for Christmas. Been playing them both, & love both of 'em! Yes, Sticker Star isn't PM: The Thousand-Year Door, but it's still really awesome, anyway! Btw, the point of the turn-based battles, is to collect coins for more expensive/powerful stickers. It took me awhile to figure that out, though. & I like the challenge of thinking more, rather than just grinding.



Therian said:

Wow, soo awesome! I would of never of know it was done by paper, thought it was on the game



ThomasBW84 said:

@Luigifan141 Yeah, I know the commercial's been around for a bit, and the vimeo documentaries were uploaded a week ago. Sometimes we just share something because it's neat



edcomics said:

The problem is that the ad looks so much better than the game. It's almost misleading, if you haven't seen gameplay or the making-of videos before.



Henmii said:

Ah man, I can't see them! Well, I look them up on the internet! There must be somewhere where I can see them!

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