Nano Assault has been available on the 3DS for quite a while now. It was released back in 2011 and was so successful the developer, Shin'en Multimedia, decided to make a Wii U title in the series known as Nano Assault Neo, which can be found in the eShop.

Since then the studio has been working on another iteration for the eShop, this time for the trusty 3DS. It's called Nano Assault EX and it now officially has a European release date - 7th March 2013.

It isn't a sequel to the original Nano Assault, instead it's an updated version of the game. In an interview with us last year, Shin'en Multimedia labelled the new adaptation as "Nano Assault 1.5".

Nano Assault EX features all of the 32 stages the original game had to offer and now includes a new Mission Mode, Survival Mode and a Boss Rush mode for you to blast your way through. No stone has been left unturned as even the graphics have received a facelift, and the Circle Pad Pro is fully supported for those who prefer a bit of twin-stick action.

There's no news on a North American release date just yet, though the game has been approved by Nintendo so it shouldn't be too far off now.

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