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BIT.TRIP Presents: RUNNER 2 Should Be Available Before The End of February

Posted by Andy Green

Running into the Wii U eShop soon

The BIT.TRIP series has been a big hit for Gaijin Games. Originally a WiiWare exclusive. the franchise has now appeared on PC, iOS and, of course, 3DS with BIT.TRIP SAGA, a compilation of all six WiiWare games.

The next instalment, BIT.TRIP Presents: RUNNER 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien, takes the series into the world of HD and is coming to the Wii U eShop as well as other download platforms.

It looks as though the highly anticipated download is warming up for a release in just a couple of weeks, as the developer has stated on Twitter that it aims to launch as close to 26th February as possible.

Are you looking forward to seeing this one emerge in the Wii U eShop? Let us know your thoughts on it in the comments section below.


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Its available on PC this month too apparantly. Yeah, played first one and loved it. Just need SAGA on the 3DS eShop now in EU (ffs)



Kyloctopus said:

But knowing that all eShop games get delayed, we're probably going to get this in early March.



Codyshelby said:

Runner was the best in the series. This will be a day one for me.

if you like fun, addicting games with high replayability, get this.

And if it can be played on the pad, it will add a convenience factor to it and make it ten times better.



aaronsullivan said:

The original Runner was insanely hard and requires repeat tries on the same stage many dozens of times. I love it! Even if you don't like that kind of punishing difficulty, it DOES have the music groove thing that helps make it much more fun than maybe it should be.

Definitely looking forward to this one, and it's very likely I'll buy right away because Bit Trip Runner won't seem to re-download in the Wii U Wii WiiWare shop. (Is that the WUWWW shop?)



sinalefa said:

Runner was the Bit Trip I enjoyed the most. It was hard but it had checkpoints, and you could continue instantly after hitting an obstacle, so you had to forget about your rage and concentrate again right away.



daznsaz said:

ive never played these,will it be able to stand up next to my trine,cave,nano assault,little inferno?or will it sit down with my puddle and aurora?



WiiLovePeace said:

I'll definitely get this game at some point but how much it costs will determine whether I get it on release or further down the track.



lebad said:

wonderfull, I love the wiiware/3DS sage I'm waiting for this one too
But I'm not sure to love the new one like the first runner, the old school design was great. But I will certainly try to finish this one toooo



Haxonberik said:

@Knux Whats the difference between versions? If theres anything significant, I might end up buying one or the other.



Kaeobais said:

I love RUNNER, it's such a great game, but..... Ugh, I just hate the style and tone this game has taken. It left the whole "Retro Reboot" style behind and instead went with "We did all of the coke" style.



OorWullie said:

I've no doubt it'll be a great game but what were they thinking about with that art style!All their past releases have had their own unique style but this just looks like a generic Android runner game of which I have too many already and they're free.



Odnetnin said:

I've heard many complaints lodged at the new art style, but "generic" is a new one.



soracloud28 said:

@Knux well said. While trophies do not mean the world to me. They are a nice little collection of trinkets and also(sometimes) offer unique forms of replayability that a normal run through does not provide



XCWarrior said:

This takes over the #1 spot on the Wii U eshop for awhile if they can get it out by 2/26. Let's hope that happens. Help them out Nintendo!



Urbanhispanic said:

I've never played any of the BIT TRIP games. This one looks to be shaping up to be a very good title. Should I bother tracking down BIT TRIP for the Wii???



sr388survivor said:

This was going to be one of my launch day titles till it got pushed back. There has been $15 credit just in my Wii U eshop account just looking at me for far too long. Looking forward to getting this the moment it comes out.

@Urbanhispanic I would recommend it if you like simple old school games, graphics and cool bit tunes. You can get the entire Bit Trip series for Wii on Amazon for under $12 and it comes with a pretty awesome soundtrack CD.

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