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Travellers Tales: LEGO City Undercover "Would Definitely Lose Something On Other Platforms"

Posted by Andy Green

Developer gives reasons behind Wii U exclusivity

It's quite rare for a LEGO game of any kind to be exclusive to just one system these days. In recent years we've had games like LEGO Batman, LEGO Rock Band and LEGO Indiana Jones released on multiple platforms, and a short while ago we learnt that LEGO Marvel Super Heroes will be hitting every platform you can think of this year.

LEGO City Undercover, however, is a Wii U exclusive and sees you take control of Chase McCain, an undercover detective hell-bent on putting a stop to the devilish Rex Fury and end his crime wave in LEGO City.

In an interview with Official Nintendo Magazine, the game's executive producer Loz Doyle spoke about why LEGO City Undercover has to be a Wii U exclusive:

LEGO City Undercover would definitely lose something on other platforms. Chase is actually given a LEGO version of the GamePad as his Police Communicator, so it's really woven into the story.

We started with a massive array of ideas [for the GamePad] but in the end we focused on it being a police device. The map is really useful to have on at all times rather than in a small corner of the screen, plus you receive video calls from different characters.

From Nintendo's standpoint, it's good to know that Traveller's Tales integrated the GamePad LEGO City: Undercover from the off, meaning it could never realistically move onto another platform.

The game is set to arrive on the 18th and 28th March in North America and Europe respectively. The 3DS prequel LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins comes out afterwards in April.

Is LEGO City Undercover on your wishlist? The wait is nearly over now.


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rayword45 said:

The prequel game for 3DS could probably be on Vita though. The only question is whether or not it's worth it.



New_3DaSh_XL said:

I heard it's a HUGE game; right now I think the only thing holding me back from getting it would be I get to 99%, then the game gives me bad hints on where to go and what to do, so I'd get frustereated and never complete it. Anyone else know what I mean?



Ras said:

I'm not a big fan of the Lego games, but this looks good. I can't advocate buying Wii U exclusives you don't want just to show companies there is interest in third party games, but if you have any interest, it would make a strong statement if it was a success.



Senate_Guard said:

Been keeping my eye on this. Sounds funner and funner every time more info about it is released. The last Lego game I remember owning and playing relentlessly was Lego Island on PC.



rjejr said:

"a short while ago we learnt that LEGO Marvel Super Heroes will be hitting every platform you can think of this year."

I'm thinking of a platform that has sold 90 million consoles worldwide and can still be found new on stores shelves and online from every major retail outlet.

Lego giveth, and Lego taketh away.



Gamer83 said:

This will be one of my first purchases when I do eventually get a Wii U. Looks like it will be right there with GTA, Red Dead, Saints Row and Sleeping Dogs at the top of the open world genre. Could be better, I don't think Nintendo would be publishing this itself if the game wasn't looking like a winner.



rayword45 said:

@Gamer83 Your expectations suck. Lower them immediately.

I can't recall a LEGO game that was that good. Most range from "mediocre" to "good with some missed potential"



WhiteTrashGuy said:

LEGO BATMAN 2 showed that TT is moving beyond the basic structure of the older titles. If they expand on the open-world aspect and beef up the combat, then this could be something special.



Zodiak13 said:

I am stoked to play this game. A game my son and I can share for lots of time is rare, and I'm thinking this may do it. Plus Lego games are a guilty pleasure of mine. I own all the Licensed versions, some on multiple consoles.



ThumperUK said:

I really hope this game ends up being as good as I hope it will be! Brilliant news that this is a WiiU exclusive too - hopefully high sales will result in more exclusives & 'proper' ports to the console..



erv said:

Sounds like fun.

But one of those instances where I get to buy monster hunter wiiU and publishers decide to release another 5 great games.

And of course, in come the headlines about bad sales and yadda yadda... time your releases better people.



Banker-Style said:

Lego Bats 2 was brilliant,and showed TT was upping their game,this game proves it even more so.
Can't wait.



WiiLovePeace said:

I'm excited for this game It looks like it has a lot of potential, I may not be able to buy it on day 1 but I will get it eventually.



DerpSandwich said:

I wouldn't be surprised if this game mostly tailored to the younger crowd as far as difficulty went, but I can also imagine that to them it would be really fantastic. But of course we won't know until it comes out.



Phle said:

I can't wait to get my hands on this game. I've been watching the trailers over and over. Not sure about the 3DS version though... Maybe.



Ima_Gerd said:


omg everything in the world is in the game !!!!!! SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-t

plays game - does everything you can do in a game that isnt open world only without 90% of the running from place to place

looks at Xenoblade...... yew tew.

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