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Warren Spector Hints At Epic Mickey 3

Posted by Andy Green

Would also like to work with other Disney characters

Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two is out right now on Wii and Wii U. The game sees you painting your way through several Disney-esque levels with Mickey and his pal Oswald and is designed with two players in mind.

In an interview with Red Bull, Warren Spector, the man behind Epic Mickey, has hinted at a trilogy with a desire to add a third instalment to the series:

I'd love to see the Disney Epic Mickey series continue - there are plenty of stories still to tell about Wasteland and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and Mickey Mouse!

Epic Mickey 2 does incorporate some musical elements, but it looks as though he wants to improve on it further in the next game. When talking about the game’s soundtrack, Spector had this to say about a possible upcoming title:

We go a step further, changing the actual orchestration based on how you choose to deal with game challenges.

They're not interactive - in THIS game - but using songs as storytelling tools seemed necessary for a game that claims to honor Disney's creative history.

It’s not just Epic Mickey that interests the industry legend though – Spector also has a plethora of ideas for Disney’s other characters saying the team will “never run out of material”:

I'd love to see some Oswald games, where he's on his own. He deserves a shot at solo stardom. Then there are the ‘duck’ games - Donald, Scrooge, etc - that are just waiting to be made. And a bunch of us at Junction Point have thoughts about Goofy and the Gremlins and a hundred others.

Anyone who’s ever played Goof Troop on the SNES will certainly be hoping Goofy gets another game made about him – or maybe that’s just us…

What do you think? Would you like to see an Epic Mickey 3? Which Disney characters would you like to see get their own game? Let us know in the comments section below.


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I actually hope they do and this time take on board the flaws of the series so far, paticularly the second game. EM1 was great but EM2 was a big disappointment. I've played through both (first one 2 times). Are you guys going to review the Wii U game? Would be interested to here your thoughts actually.



Xilef said:

Still a bit disapppointed they didn't fix the flaws from the first game (haven't actually played the game yet just judging from what i've heard).



Ichiban said:

Go back to the original vision for Epic Mickey, we have the power now with the Wii U. Otherwise bugger off Wazza, thats twice Ive been burnt by your Epic Mickey games, which have hardly been epic at all.



NintyMan said:

Spector's stated before that he was originally interested in making Epic Mickey into a trilogy, so this is just taking a step to fulfill that. I haven't gotten The Power of Two yet, but from the comments I've read so far from NL and Miiverse, it doesn't seem to be that bad. Yes, there's been disappointment, but it doesn't seem to be the big disappointment that Power of Illusion has apparently been.

All I can hope for in a sequel is that they fix the flaws of the past game and improve upon it in the sequel to make it better than the game before it.



Knux said:

LOL Spector, I haven't even played my copy of the first one or bought the sequel or Power of Illusion, so take your good sweet time.



WanderingPB said:

I have to agree with SteveW before starting a third installment please make a patch for Epic Mickey 2 for the Wii U at least!!! I really liked Epic Mickey and was looking forward to Epic Mickey 2 but its rough…i understand it was rushed and they didnt have that much time but please take the time to make a patch for those of us who believed in and bought Epic Mickey 2 before moving on to the next one.

I agree with Spector the potential is there but leving a bad experience in the gamers mind is not a good idea. Using the Wii mote is awesome but maybeu should take more time thinking about how to really use the gamepad instead of jus a map…how about using the gamepad like Mario U and having the 3rd person play as a gremlin and help mickey and oswald! and how about being allowed to play the whole game on the gamepad a popular Wii U feature that was ignored for some reason.



dartmonkey said:

I always get a whiff of the Molyneuxs from Spector. The intentions are good, the ideas are interesting, but the execution never delivers. I ploughed through Epic Mickey because of my love for the source material. Take the license away and my patience wouldn't have held out.
If he really wants to incorporate music, Mickey could be dragged into Music Land from the Silly Symphonies in EP3 - then they could really have some fun and integrate it meaningfully. In the hands of EAD I think it could be incredible, but JP needs to up its game with the basics first.



Retronaut said:

I would absolutely buy a new DuckTales game. Make it happen, Warren. Make it happen.



NImH said:

I love where Spector's heart is. His ambitions aren't exactly manifested like he intends, i think. It's really hard to get an idea across so well that the entire team you work with (who you NEED to make it happen) can get behind it and do it. I enjoyed Epic Mickey... haven't played 2 yet, but thought that some real love and attention went into bringing fans of the Disney-canon a fun experience. I hope the 3rd x's the charm!



SparkOfSpirit said:

Seriously, get in contact with Sega and Capcom and start with the porting first. There are too many great games being left behind.



fluggy said:

Think its time for this team to give up. When quality control is not considered before releasing a title, there's just no point. Waste of everyones time and money. Why put effort into something for it to get reviews of 50%. Think there should be independent team of play testers who have to give an average review score of 80% for a game to even be considered for release. That way everybody wins. Companies would have a product they're proud and gamers have a game worth buying. Releasing garbage shouldn't be allowed, especially when its 50 quid from a child's birthday money.



Knuckles said:

In a Nintendo Power interview, Specter hinted at a 3rd game with Oswald being a full time available character like Mickey.



bennyt said:

I was looking forward to this game and planning on getting it at launch but reviews have been off putting, mentioning the camera, platforming, AI, and several other issues.
Seems it had alot of potential but failed to deliver. As dartmonkey said, Spector does remind me of Molyneuxs, in that he talks the game/series up too much and the end result is disappointing. (I love Fable 1, 2 was good but such a buggy mess and 3, well, don't get me started after all the talk hyping it up)

I would dip into the series if a third epic mickey was released but only if they actually made some improvements and not release a rushed and unpolished game.



Kage_88 said:

I haven't played Epic Mickey 2 yet, but I really admire Warren Spector's enthusiasm - especially in this cynical day and age.

Maybe the threequel could include rejected Marvel and Star Wars material?



DerpSandwich said:

Maybe if they make a third one they'll actually MAKE AN EFFORT TO IMPROVE ON ITS FLAWS. There's so much potential here, and I was so darn SURE that the second one would be the definitive title, but it's like they didn't even try!



Drawdler said:

I enjoyed the first, despite one)its flaws and two)the fact I never actually finished it. Releasing two games the next year though is what I expected Disney to do... Which isn't an issue in itself, but judging on what I've heard from their reception it seems like "EM Sequelitis confirmed". Which is a real darn shame... Because the concept has so much unrealized potential.
Props to Warren for his continuing enthusiasm for it though. Hopefully the next game will truly iron stuff out.



Banker-Style said:

The first game was an absolutely fantastic game,yes it's flaws brought it down,but it was an incredibly clever game.It's story was really quite dark and mature for a Disney game,and I loved it for that.

I'm getting Power of Two for Christmas,so I'll be playing through that this time in two weeks time,but I've heard the story isn't as good as 1,and the flaws from the original haven't been worked out.With many people call it an okay sequel,not an amazing sequel.

I do hope the game gets a 3 game in the series,even if the Power of Two could be crap,I love 3D platformers,and I love Mickey Mouse,both of which seem to have found themselves in the Wasteland.



Sun said:

Epic Mickey features the worst videogame camera in the History. Epic Mickey 2 was a disappointment for most players and critics and Power of Illusion is a strange mix which just does not work so... Why do still people care anyway?

I hope for the good old SNES and MD Disney games to be released for the VC, but they don't show up, I don't know why.



DarkKirby said:

Epic Mickey 1 was terrible, it was BORING, combat was over simplified, the camera was horrid (it REFUSED to show me the platform I was trying to jump to, it froze in a position where the platform wasn't visible and I had to blindly jump, multiple times, dying each time), and on top of that, Disney disallowed the original concept that making too many bad decisions would lead to a bad ending, instead they made it so the ending was good no matter what, essentially making it so your "moral choices" are meaningless. When I heard not even the camera was fixed in Epic Mickey 2, I didn't even bother with it.



sdcazares1980 said:

Bless Warren Spector's heart, but after two disappointing installments, you'd think that he would either a) believe that it is time to abandon the franchise altogether or at least b) give it a long hiatus.



Henmii said:

Have fun, mister Spector! I don't believe it anymore! The first Epic Mickey was far from epic, and number 2 seems to be a real stinker from what I have heard!!



marjan_2 said:

Please warren spector, make epic mickey 3, but please have animatronic donald have a bigger role and add captain hook and make more bosses and please have wasteland rebuilt

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