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Tue 3rd Aug 2010

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Retronaut commented on Capcom Would Love To Work With WayForward Again:

WayForward is exactly the right choice for this project, and there is little I would like more than an all-new Mega Man game developed by WayForward.

Edit: Anyone who is concerned about WayForward's ability to update a classic game should check out their remake of A Boy and his Blob for Wii which got a 9/10 here on NL.



Retronaut commented on Fire Emblem: Awakening SpotPass Content Going ...:

I'm not certain, but I think free giveaways like this are designed to keep you from finishing the game and then selling it. It's a way to combat the secondary market by keeping the supply of used games low. That way, used copies cost only slightly less than new copies, and a new costumer who wants to buy the game is more likely to go ahead and grab the new one for just a few dollars more instead of buying the used copy ($0 of whose sale would go to Nintendo).

I was thinking about this the other day with regards to the new Mass Effect III multiplayer DLC on the 360. A whole year after release, they're still putting out free additions to the multiplayer (though I think last week was the last one). It seems really clever, but it's got to be pretty expensive to keep giving this stuff away. I guess it's folded into the original purchase price of the game? I think this is worth thinking about some more.



Retronaut commented on Nintendo Teamed Up With Nokia to Develop Phone...:

@Ian Daemon I had the same thought. Based on the (admittedly vague) timeline presented here (in the last ten years), it might be possible that the Nintendo/Nokia phone turned into the N-Gage. This would be in keeping with another rejected Nintendo product turned failed console: the Phillips CD-i.