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Nintendo Confirms It Is Possible To Transfer Network IDs To Another Wii U

Posted by Orla Madden

Only in the event of a repair, it seems

Last month we reported that Nintendo Network IDs were tied to one console - meaning you couldn't sign into your own account on a friend's Wii U or worse still, if you were unlucky and broke your brand new Wii U, there would likely be no easy way to simply login on a new console and retrieve your details.

For anyone worried about what would happen to their account and download purchases in the unfortunate event of a broken Wii U, Nintendo of America has confirmed to Kotaku that the ID will be safe if a replacement system is ever required:

NoA’s repair process includes the transferring of the Nintendo Network ID to a new Wii U console if a replacement system is needed.

So while the neat idea of playing with your save data on a friend's system is still a no-go, it looks like you can indeed use your Nintendo Network ID on another console - though only if replacing a broken Wii U through the Big N's repair process. Nintendo will need to be involved directly with the process, so you can't simply pop into your local repair shop or retailer for a quick replacement. What do you think of this news, has Nintendo over-complicated a process that should seem incredibly easy in this day and age? As always, let us know in the comments section.


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McHaggis said:

Well, it's an improvement at least. I lost all my Wii Shop downloads when my old Wii crapped out.

Still, it's a bit of a let down considering the PS3, PSP and PS Vita can all share the same PSN account, and machines can be de-authorised ready for authorising a different machine. Why is it so hard for Nintendo to get their online services right? They just don't seem to grasp what consumers want.



hiptanaka said:

This is pretty dumb. With the 360, I love how I can go to a friend's place and play Trials with my own account, thus getting my times saved properly. I'm enjoying my Wii U, but this should've been better.



rjejr said:

It seems like every day I'm telling my wife more bad news and stupid Nintendo moves concerning the Wii U and every day we are getting farther and farther from owning one.

Is there a date for TVii yet, Dec. is more than a 3rd over?



Rapadash6 said:

Didn't Nintendo already confirm that we'd be able to transfer our IDs in a future firmware update? I think this is just the solution they have for the time being, but it seems thier network by Nintendo's own admission, is still very much a work in progress. Whatever the case, though, I don't think there is any technical reason why this can't be changed in the future.



FiveDigitLP said:

Also want to point out that only if you send in your old console and they give you a new one will this work properly.
My first one stopped working, so I bought a new one and planned on returning the first (bought them from two different places). I contacted Nintendo to see if they could move my Nintendo ID from my old console to the new one that I had been using, but they basically told me it would wipe everything on the second one. My understanding is that they basically clone the initial console to the new one.

I think this is important information that is being left out in all of these "news" posts.



Savino said:

Stupid decisions are stupid.
Wii u became a terrible deal with you wanna go full digital like me!



ultraraichu said:

Kind of figured as much since it would be weird sending you Wii U in for repair/replacement only for them to say you have to setup a new account. Well once they perfect this new (to Nintendo) feature and fix the bugs, we all would be able to use it.

@FiveDigitLP that is interesting to know.



Sam_Loser2 said:

It's still not flexible enough. The lack of advancements in this area makes Nintendo. seem more of a Paranoid Control freak.



SuperCharlie78 said:

Nintendo Difference. I thought and hoped it would be impossible to do worse than they did with Wii, but it seems I was wrong. Tell me just another digital delivery service provider that doesn't allow you to retrieve your details on another system, simply there isn't. In an absolutely incredible way nothing at all has changed since the Wii era, when you actually rent games, not exactly purchased them, broke your console and say goodbye to all your digital goodies. Ok, you'd say I'm quite above the average, but with over 50 retail titles it's pretty unbelievable I downloaded about 15 games between VC and Wiiware, now WHAT'S WRONG WITH NINTENDO when it's about to offer the same basic DD service the whole world has been offering for decades?
Please NintendoLife, point your finger at this serious matter every single day, every single day, because for all of us this is unacceptable.




If this is about the whole discussion regarding Wii U consoles bricking on people because of shutting it off during a Wii U system update not knowing the Wii U would brick on them. I don't see what's so dam hard about about transferring lost Wii U info from the bricked one to a new Wii U. Then Nintendo wants to know why they don't have much success, if not much that many when they try to please their fans. That to me is a reason why at times via their Nintendo Consumer Service department at NOA , they really can be a HUGE bunch of idiots at times.



zeroaxs said:

After having done this with a Wii myself (after having it stolen from my home), I will say Nintendo is very willing to transfer the data to another machine, but they require that you provide police report information to verify that you are no longer in possession of the machine.



Hokori said:

Actually I think this is how it should be, come on guys what's stopping you from getting a WiiU for a friend and giving them your NN ID, and Password, then they have all those games and so do you



SuperCharlie78 said:

No, really, no.
Who is crazy enough to leave his ID to others?
Nobody is, and even if it was the case, the solution would be to let the games work only when logged online with that ID, this way it's you or your friend who can play them, no online multiplayer if you were considering that...
You know, just like phisical discs, if I borrow one to my friend I can't play it.
But this isn't actually the matter, I'd be fine with my NN ID to be tied with only one console at a time.



freakxs said:

In my case, I have two Wii U's and can't even get my saved game data to the other WII U... It's a real hindrance. I don't think anyone would be willing to give out their account information to a friend, especially if a credit card and personal information is tied to that account. I wouldn't want any of my friends buying games on my credit card!



Bengals76 said:

This is a joke!! Nintendo is making me, a "hardcore" gammer hate Nintendo!! Maybe Nintendo had it right with the Wii...leave the hardcore gammers out. R.I.P. Nintendo



Daz-brum said:

What the !!!!!! Nintendo get a grip. To over compensate for the minority of idiots hurt the majority... Think about it, by all means put processes in place but going too far if I can't play my games on a mates console it is 2012 ?????



rayword45 said:

@HarmoKnight Without trying to sound rude, please don't be thick/a blatant fanboy. If you're going to give your ID and password to your friends, you are a complete fool. There is no safety. Plus, they could deauthorize consoles easily.

If Sony and smartphones do this without any problems, then Nintendo should as well, especially when it comes to handhelds since those can be lost.



rayword45 said:

As a matter of fact, some companies have no real limitations like Netflix. Yet those don't seem to be suffering much.



Hokori said:

@rayword45 So what's the difference then (real question) if a system gets stolen, then they don't have the games but you can just buy another and get all games back, so what's the difference between that and filing a police report (besides the police report getting you a free WiiU and games back) which I think is better



rayword45 said:

@HarmoKnight How about "I don't want to do that crap." Or better, "Hmm... It broke. Might as well upgrade now."

There is no protecting Nintendo. If every company does this for even non-gaming focused devices, then Nintendo should too.

The fact that people can protect hunks of crap like this, the 40MB limit and the 6000 sales before pay makes me lose faith in humanity.



SirSmugleaf said:

I have no problem with this; ill always just play games on my Wii U, but I think the press is freaking out about this because IGN, for example, got a Wii U in the office a couple of weeks before the system launched. After playing on it for a while, many editors went and got their own, and then had to create a new account on their new own personal system, which may have been a hassle for them.



Taceus said:

Exactly, @LZbirdboi. As for the majority suffering for the minority, sadly, it's an unfortunate fact of life. And if in doubt about how stupid people can be, Google Darwin Awards. Can't help but think that Nintendo think they're the Jon West of gaming though.




I really hope Nintendo will actually incorporate the ability for portable ID's in the future. That way, they can permit FRIENDS and family to play together. It'd also be more useful to college students.

I won't jump to conclusions yet, since it's obvious that they finalized the Wii U interface and online too early. It obstructs a solid speculation of whether the company will be committed to portable ID's...or not.



Hokori said:

@rayword45 Ok in an event of WiiU to WiiU successor I can see or 3DS to 3DS successor, but if it get broken and you could send it in for FREE or buy a new one which would you do?



luminalace said:


You were unlucky because when my Wii died, Nintendo transferred all my Wiiware and Virtual Console titles to the replacement Wii. If they could do that back in 2009 (for me), it's certainly no great revelation that Nintendo can do the same with Wii U in 2012 and beyond.

C'mon Nintendo there are some things that really should have been accomplished with Wii U. While I'm glad Nintendo doesn't copy every feature of their competitors willy nilly, a unified account system really should have been standard on the Wii U!



Jon2 said:

This is just stupid. I bought a new Xbox (the Star Wars one, just because it was so cool) and with a transfer cable I transferred all the content I wanted from my old Xbox to my new one. I took me about 15 minutes. With an account and software locked to a machine you just can't re-download everything either (like if your machine brakes and the warranty has expired and you buy a new one). It's things like this that have kept med from buying a Wii U.



Abcdude said:

My wii U bricked last night, I shipped it today and am hoping my new console returns with my NNID and save data tied to that all packed in. Crossing my fingers.

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