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Ubisoft: Wii U Stock Apparently Being Focused on US

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Tense times for Europe?

Earlier today we reported that UK retailer GAME is bracing for a Wii U sell out, admitting that stock will be "tight on day one". This is a theme occurring regularly, with reports a couple of weeks ago of potential Wii U stock shortages in the UK, and the rather common knowledge that pre-orders are sold out at many US retailers; GameStop has also started a rather lengthy waiting list.

It seems as if Nintendo is struggling to meet demand, and with North America getting the system first there's a suggestion that it'll also get the lion's share of systems. In a post-earnings investor conference call, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has rather delicately answered a question about the allocation of Wii U hardware.

The US seems to be having more machines than the other countries, but that's the only thing I can say.

When you consider that comment, and Guillemot's understandable hesitation to go any further, the worrying reports of limited numbers in the UK and elsewhere seem a little more likely. There are still no concrete answers, and we're unlikely to get any before Wii U arrives, but there's clearly some pressure on retailers and Nintendo to deliver enough consoles to match demand.


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Auracle said:

Even with the extra systems, Wii U is still selling out over here. This sounds promising for Nintendo.



madgear said:

There really shouldn't be a shortage anywhere considering they've had a full year and a half since the Wii U E3 and the launch. Wasn't everyone even expecting it by last spring? I smell the old holding back stock to increase demand ploy.



Auracle said:

Nintendo has stated that production was slowed at one point because factories were having difficulty assembling the Game Pad. That would likely account for much of it.



SpaceApe said:

Sounds very promising. I am sure EU will get more Wii U's there. It is just a matter of time.



Boo_Buster said:

@3Dash You have a chance after launch if you find out when a place like Walmart is getting shipments in and go on that day a.s.a.p. IMO

@SpaceApe Exactly. I'm sure Nintendo will keep pumping out as many Wii U's as possible, especially with the winter seasonal holidays around the corner. It might be a little hard to find one for a bit, but shouldn't be ridiculous getting into next year.



Varia01 said:

Why can't countries with poor people get the praise, us Americans get too much credit...



Chrno-x said:

It was always the problem in Europe that NIntendo's home consoles were having stock shortages. In the future they're gonna whining about that the Wii U isn't selling in EU as good as other regions. But they still forgot that "games are the most important thing". Why someone in Europe should be interested when he's/she's waiting for a title that are gonna come only in US. Honestly, count how many great games was made for the DS and was published in US but not in EU, the same's gonna be with 3DS when we're still waiting for SMT:O,SMT:DS2, Code of Princess (I stopped counting how many great IPs were made for 3DS in Japan and they still doesn't get a western release date). I was hoping that Nintendo gonna learn that Mario isn't the only character that gonna sell hardware. What's more, after I saw those first TV advertisements I lost hope that Nintendo will finally concentrate on normal gamers, on fans, but no Style Savvy and those smiled faces on adverts playing Nintendo Land are still more important....god save Nintendo from making the same mistakes....




Of course the US should get more than the UK and Europe! Nintendo systems always do better in the US than in Europe.

I'm in the UK and have had my Wii U pre-order in since a few weeks before the bundles were announced, and there are still pre-orders available mere weeks before launch, whereas they were sold out in the US within a matter of days.

While I believe the Wii U will be sold out in the UK and probably most of Europe quite soon, with it launching in the US first, why shouldn't they get more units??



Magikarp3 said:

Meanwhile in Australia - "I've already pre-ordered the WiiU", said nobody, ever. I would wonder why, since my friends are the key demographic and all. Then again, I'm probably with the majority who want to go to the beach this summer and then play videogames later ^^



Raylax said:

Unless I missed something, America is considerably larger than the UK. So it kind of makes sense that they'd get considerably more stock?



hendie001 said:

I wonder if Canada is rolled in with the states. Im not worried any way i pre ordered 2 of them, one from wal mart and one from game stop just to make sure i get one. The extra is going to be my son s x mas gift but after games and pro controllers its going to hurt the wallet. lol



TrueWiiMaster said:

Isn't that normal? More systems are sold in America after all. I'd think they always got more units.



ThomasBW84 said:

While NA would probably be expected to get more systems, there are hints and suggestions in these reports that UK retailers and, I suspect, others in Europe, may struggle to fulfil what pre-orders they have. Maybe it's too much to ask that numbers are pinned down in good time and that retailers only take pre-orders for guaranteed units.

As long as pre-orders are fulfilled, I'm not fussed about which countries get what numbers. If a lot of consumers with pre-orders don't get one on launch day, however, then clearly things will have gone wrong.



sinalefa said:

With Black Friday less than a week after launch, it makes sense to have more units sent to the US.

I was not able to find a preorder so I will be waiting quite a while to pick one up. Hopefully it won't be months like Wii.



TruenoGT said:

Sorry rest of the world, I'm keeping my US pre-order. Hopefully Nintendo can keep up better than the last time, but I can see them being more conservative after the 3DS was a bit slow at launch. I want to see everybody on the Miiverse!



WaxxyOne said:

Can't really read much into a comment where the appropriate response should be, "No sugar, Sherlock."



iphys said:

If I were Nintendo, I'd rather sell my systems in countries where they can be sold for more money, but it may be that consoles really only sell during the holidays in NA, in which case they might be more desperate to meet demand in NA initially. I imagine people in Japan will buy the system whenever. Not too sure about the buying habits in the rest of the world though.



SanderEvers said:

Yeah, I pre-orderd but I know I won't be able to get one @ launch.
(The UK gets the most of the EU stock, anyway, with The Netherlands only got a few consoles compared to that)



LeftoverLunch said:

Isn't Nintendo's main problem if retailers don't have the stock to sell those cheaper systems (xbox/ps3) might get bought instead, As I'm sure most parents would rather give a present other than an IOU.
I hope my pre-order is a definite day one delivery.



McHaggis said:

@Void, who's to say they wouldn't still sell out if those consoles had been allocated more evenly around the globe? Perhaps the US has a higher attach rate and that's why they have priority.



Araknie said:

I guess in america there are more pre-orders. That's really all in my opinion.



NintenBo said:

I think my grandma is going to get me one around like March. So they better be stocked up with Deluxes again >.>



Bigwillyz21 said:

Yeah so me, my mother and my brother in law preordered at Trade & Play. . . . . they didn't get 1 system! I was severly pissed especialy since I did this 3 months ago as to not have to worry about getting one. Now every single store by me in the Tri-State area is either out or holding for Friday. I have nothing now along with the preorder money still being transfered from them to me (which could take a week). It's BS and I will never go to that store again, I''m disgusted with the whole situation. O yeah and the gas to drive an hour and a half to Jersey 4 times. . . . . . . . .

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