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This Zelda Video is Truly Epic

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

One of the best you'll see

We've seen some creative and clever videos over the years, with no shortage of film-making skill, that celebrate Nintendo franchises or characters. One of our favourites is this post-it Mario sequence, which used stop-motion video techniques and 7000 post-it notes — all in the name of entertainment.

The talented people behind that video, FinalCutKing, have now returned with The Legend of Digital Zelda. Using a host of computers, phones and tablets that are all lined up, this is a continuous animation that tracks a 'paper' version of Link across the room towards a happy ending. There's apparently a making of video on the way soon if you're interested in how it was done, but we'd rather assume it was made possible by fairy magic.

In any case, check it out below; there's some awesome music, too.

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Tsuchiya said:

Excellent work, just oh so many Crapple products.
Come Christmas, that'll be the average 3 year old's bedroom.



DRL said:

So cool! Watched the video on my Wii U GamePad while my wife watches the Thanksgiving parade on the TV. Loving this thing.



Bulbousaur said:

So much awesomeness with so many overpriced electronics

Seriously though, this is pretty damn impressive!



ReshiramZekrom said:

@Jgam This.
Although I hate Macs, I'd happily pick up an iPod/iPad and not be mad at myself later.
...Like I own anything made by Apple...



NMH-TRI said:

Geez.....It took me like 40 hours to save the princess. They did it in like 2 minutes.....



Phle said:

Very good video, I like the creativity. I'm guessing these people are graphic designer-ish workers and use Apple computers at work. My laptop was happy to see her twin in a super Zelda video (^_^)



Tindre said:

I knew there would be Apple hate here. XD'

Macs are actually pretty awesome, if only more games worked on Mac OS I wouldn't even use windows. I just hope they don't go the "mobile OS route" as they seem to be heading, because then I don't know anymore.
I tried Windows 8 and I literally cried for how silly it was. Seriously who puts "shut down" under "settings"..
How is that even a thing..
(or play button symbols on videos that don't actually start the video. and the list goes on really.)

Awesome video anyways ^^ <3
I worked as a mac technician so I am probably a bit biased lol. <3 (but I grew up with windows so I know both worlds, and use them both.)



Henmii said:

Pretty cool! And Gangnam style, why not?! The only thing that totally disgusts me is all that product placement for a certain, fruity company!! It makes you wonder if the makers are REALLY Zelda and/or Nintendo fans!!!



WaxxyOne said:

I just watched this and the Making Of video linked to it, and I have a couple questions:

1) Are these guys getting paid by Apple to show as many Apple logos as possible or is it just me?
2) If they're not selling Apples, are they selling their own animation software? The Making Of video comes across more as an extended plug for their app than anything else.
3) Most importantly, why would you spend so much time making this admittedly awesome video about a beloved game series, if you don't know the name of the main character? (Hint: It's not Zelda!)



DaveGX said:

Meh...I've seen more epic Zelda vidsos than potsmasher for 1, or the old April fool's movie trailer Besides, i'm ealy not much a fan of Apple products anyway. Just saying.

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