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Publisher Dream Bringing Game Development Aspirations to DSiWare

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Release your games on the "cShop"

Not too long ago Circle Entertainment brought Bookstore Dream to DSiWare, a thoroughly decent resource management sim that drew inspiration from similar titles available on smartphones. In that case it was all about managing stock and attracting customers, but the developer has announced a new entry in the series, Publisher Dream.

It's not the same theme from the book publisher's perspective, but is actually all about developing, publishing and licensing games. This time around you run a company called "Triangle" that publishes games on the "cShop" — you can see where it's going — so the focus is on establishing development projects and setting up the best possible working environment. You'll be able to develop up to four games at the same time, publish games from smaller studios and make staff happy by adopting a cat. Fans of indie games on DSiWare may also get a kick from some other developers making a cameo as employable staff: these will include Keith (Tanukii studio), Peter (Moragami), Seigai (Flyhigh work), Chris (CIRCLE) and Hugo (Goodbye Galaxy games).

It's another venture into territory explored in a high profile Android/iOS release, but may be fun in its own right. Does this concept appeal to you?

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Shiromikio said:

The storyline reminds me of Game Dev Story, but it might be interesting to see a different take on the idea.



Crazybrain1 said:

Didn't get Bookstore Dream but might (might!) just pick this one up.
Looks a bit more interesting that Bookstore Dream.



theblackdragon said:

omg i want it! I had quite a bit of fun with Bookstore Dream, I look forward to figuring this one out too :3



Arianabtd said:

I love Kairosoft. games (Game dev story, ect.) I think I'll stick with their games.



Morpheel said:

Looks a little bit too much like that kairosoft game now, but I liked bookstore dream, so I will totally give this one a try

I will totally abuse the cameo game devs in every way possible <scary grin @ Hugo>

Making 4 games at once for the same download service sounds like something the real Circle would do



lanceorr said:

I hope this turns out better than Bookstore Dream, that one wasn't too great. Game Dev Story is awesome, hopefully Circle jotted down a few pointers from it.



koolkris200 said:

This will be a fun game if it is 1.99 dollars on the nintendo 3ds eshop which would be nice to get so I can sell games on the game and make a price and name
Hope to see this game come out by christmas



FonistofCruxis said:

I might give this a try if reviews and impressions are good. What games have Moragami and Flyhigh work made?



Rargon said:

Bookstore Dream consumed my life for 6 hours straight, but the game ended on 99th Day. I hope the same doesn't happen here.



Windy said:

This sounds Awesome! I loved Bookstore Dreams. We didn't stop playing till we beat it. If its anything like that it will be good. Now Bring us Dungeon Village! You guys will love that!

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