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Ever dream about making and publishing your digital games? Now you can!

Publisher Dream is a simulation game that places you in the owner’s seat of a company called "Triangle". Triangle focuses on a digital platform call “cShop” for development and publishing endeavors.

You can hire people to develop various game genres, and control the game budgets and quality to safeguard limited resources. Do you want to be one of the biggest publishers on cShop? This may be a great way to test your skills before you actually starting your own game company.


  • Resource management is not an easy task, the income is received on a quarterly basis, so you have to plan accordingly in regards to expenses.
  • Milestones will give you tips on how to obtain your achievements in the digital platform.
  • You can develop 4 titles at the same time, also you are able invest in a smaller company’s projects and publish them.
  • Working fast points will provide you with a nice environment for your staff, try to upgrade your office or adopt a cat.
  • You are also able to recruit the avatars of real people such as Keith (Tanukii studio), Peter (Moragami), Seigai (Flyhigh work), Chris (CIRCLE), Hugo(Goodbye Galaxy games) Etc.

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Posted by Thomas Whitehead

This game development biz is confusing...

CIRCLE Entertainment has published a good variety of games on DSiWare, covering almost any genre that can feasibly work on the ageing service. Its own take on the sim style began with Bookstore Dream, which while owing much to similar smartphone games was...

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User Comments (7)



Folkloner said:

Also REALLY looking forward to this title. I got addicted to Game Dev Story, so this seems ideal.



Blizzaga said:

Haha, I fell for Bookstore Dream and was severely disappointed. Not gonna fall for this one.



Windy said:

I thought Bookstore Dreams was pretty fun although short. for me it had the right amount of speed and not too complicated. I wish they would make a Similar game too Dungeon Village



C-Olimar said:

My company went bust in Y2 M4 :'(
I kept receiving hate mail no matter how hard I tried to develop my games well. It was horrible, I nearly cried. I now sympathise more with small eShop/DSiWare devs.

As is usual for Circle games, the English is atrocious:
"You success finish a milestone. Your company get more attentions now" Is just one small sample of the hilarious dialogue in this game. There are literally typos everywhere.



Donjwolf said:

This seems more fun than Bookstore Dream. I wonder how much it will be. Well if the EU price is any indication, it should be 1.99 here. Yay I has enough monies in my 'wallet.'

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