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Penélope Cruz Has the Answer in Professor Layton Advert

Posted by Mike Mason

Cruz control

Movie star, Oscar winner and one-time moustache-wearer Penélope Cruz has returned for another stint at Nintendo advertising, this time turning her considerable talents to Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.

During a break in filming, Ms Cruz and her sister Monica are playing the latest entry in Level 5's puzzle series. Penélope reluctantly leaves Monica to get on with it when she's suddenly called to set — but as she soon proves, not even a movie can stop the Super Cruz Sisters from solving a puzzle.

Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask arrives in Europe on 26th October, followed by a North American release two days later on 28th October. Our Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask review will tell you if it's worth your picarats. Here's a free hint: yes it is.

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Aviator said:

We have to watch her acting to act now?

When will people realise she can't.



ajcismo said:

I may have complained earlier today about the lack of Nintendo advertising towards its "core" audience. However, if they keep using the Cruz sisters like the way they have these past few months (on NSMB2 & now The Prof), I will gladly say I was wrong and sorry. =)



Aviator said:

I have seen her in many things. I have yet to see something that is good.



idork99 said:

@GuyNamedNathan Great movie! One of my personal favorites.

@ajcismo Lol! I did read your comment earlier.

I've always had a little tooth ache (I think she's sweet) for Penelope but now even more so



alLabouTandroiD said:

A bit too over the top for my tastes but it's quite good at capturing the situation probably every player of puzzle games knows so well. Better than i expected.



Phle said:

I thought she was going to stop and scream "I got StreetPass! So, I need an emergency break!". She is really cute and so is her sister (^_^) Helping your sister comes before the job, always.



gefflt said:


And as a Prof Layton fan, I have to say I'm thrilled by all the publicity I've been seeing surrounding the new game. Hopefully it'll sell well!



Adam said:

It's been too long to comment on her acting in it, but I recall Volver being a good film. I have a weird thing for stories about hiding a dead body, though.



Kage_88 said:

Pachter: "After appearing in this commercial for Nintendo, I expect Ms. Cruz's career to take a significant downturn."

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