In the latest of a long line of celebrity tie-ups, Penélope Cruz has joined forces with her sister, fellow actress Mónica Cruz, to star in a new campaign for New Super Mario Bros. 2.

Nintendo teased us yesterday with a picture of the star without revealing who it might be. Our readers had lots of good guesses including Zelda Williams, Selena Gomez, Kiera Knightly and even a make-up clad James Newton.

The new TV ad will see Mónica and Penélope taking a bet on which sister will reach the Goal Pole at the end of the course first – with a rather unusual forfeit for who finishes last.

“Teaming up with the Cruz sisters is a perfect fit for us. Not only because New Super Mario Bros. 2 lets two players enjoy the entire adventure playing as brothers Mario and Luigi simultaneously but because these sisters have been genuine fans of the series for many years”, said Laurent Fischer, Nintendo of Europe Managing Director of Marketing and PR. “The co-op mode really brought out their competitive side and they had a lot of fun trying to collect as many coins as possible while racing to finish each level first.”

Nintendo invites you to watch the full advert at the official Nintendo 3DS UK YouTube channel and find out how the Cruz sisters settle a score after a romp through the Mushroom Kingdom: or you can watch it below and then browse the official channel, if you like.

So, who guessed right?