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Brick-Based Mario Videos Prove Everything Looks Better In Lego

Posted by Damien McFerran

Build it and they will come

Following on from the awesome Lego Zelda shield we featured a while back, we've stumbled across some amazing Lego-themed Super Mario videos.

Created using what appears to be a clever combination of computer editing and actual brick images, these videos replicate the look of Mario's early NES adventures via the medium of the classic Danish construction toy.

YouTube user brixelo is responsible for the awesome series of clips, which are also accompanied by the original music for that all-important authentic feel.

You can check some of them out below.

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WaxxyOne said:

It's OK, but I don't think real legos were involved in much if any of the making of those videos. Obviously the camera work is far too smooth to be filming stills of real legos and the frames are way too smooth to have been done by hand.

At best, the characters could have been made from real legos one frame at a time, and then the images of those edited into a CGI lego version of the levels, but I don't know why they'd go that far. If they have the ability to take a full screen of Mario and turn each pixel into a CGI lego, then that's probably all they did.



Araknie said:

Looks only like a texture pack for the game, look at the mistakes done by missing block and the fight with bowser. You can't waste time doing this little thing if it was stop motion, also too much fluid.

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