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Wii U ZombiU Premium Pack Confirmed for EU

Posted by Anthony Dickens


During today's European Wii U Preview it was announced that a limited edition bundle would be available at launch along side the standard and deluxe bundles.

The special "Wii U ZombiU Premium Pack" includes the black Wii U and GamePad, as well as both the ZombiU game and a black Wii U Pro Controller; all in, we expect, a horrifyingly cool box.

This has only been confirmed by Ubisoft as a European bundle at present, we expect confirmation of availability in North America shortly. Initial reports suggest that retailers will be asking £330 for this pack.

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6ch6ris6 said:

this will sell amazingly well in europe. too bad i dont have money or even a proper tv xD



rjejr said:

They really should release this in the US. I can't imagine they would bundle this with the basic white, but if they leave NL out of the deluxe box and to get the price to $399 - SOLD!



AVahne said:

So Europe gets a ZombiU Pro bundle at launch while Japan gets Monster Hunter 3G HD Ver. Pro bundle at launch. America doesn't get a Pro bundle?



WaveBoy said:

There's no way i'd play this using the WiiU pro controller, it's bad enough that the game doesn't support Wii remote + Nunchuck pointer controls as an alternate control scheme. Oh well, Wii U Game pad it tis'. The innovative screen gameplay mechanics should be fun, otherwise if this were just a traditional dual analog controlled FPS i'd completely pass on it faster than Danny Tanner dust busting his living room.



Linkstrikesback said:

It's a shame that Zombi U looks set to be the "Red Steel" of the Wii U launch, in that it's a game that seems to be doing everything right, but will still manage to fall short.

Now, A Rayman/NSMB/ASsassin creed bundle I could have gotten behind. Ah well.



ThumperUK said:

Sounds like the perfect bundle! Hopefully great sales of ZombieU will result in more adult games for the WiiU rather than the 'family' orientation of the wii.



19Robb92 said:

Weirdly enough I'd rather get the NintendoLand premium pack since it includes a game i wouldn't buy separate.



MAB said:

This is the super mega premium deluxe package I have been waiting for my wallet is the ready!



Moshugan said:

Oh baby! This is what it's all about!
Except, this won't have Nintendo Land with it, will it?



Boo_Buster said:

Cool bundle EU bros! This game does seem really fun, and overall good (pending more research) but as @19Robb92 said, I'd rather get the Nintendo Land premium pack if I had a choice. In fact, I just pre-ordered it an hour ago Japan's bundle is neat to me as well, since I already have MH Tri and I am kind of wavering on 3 Ultimate....



dimi said:

330 British pounds = 412.046176 Euros. The retailers decide the price so expect more than 420 euro for this bundle.... Sorry way too much.



ThomasBW84 said:

Considering there's a Pro controller too, this may be the bundle for me. By the time retailers compete with each other it'll hopefully fall to something close to £300.



supermonkey117 said:

sounds like a reasonable price considering its only just being released soon and i love zombies and the wii u looks amazing in black I LOVE NINTENDO sounds all good but what i think it needs more than anything is project zero/fatal frame, a total new game not a remake or a spin off made especially for wii u oh yeah.



seronja said:

this beuty will be a day one purchase indeed =) thank god i live in europe hehehe



FlaccidSnake said:

Can anyone confirm whether N'land is in this pack or is it just zombi U?
Now im not that bothered with N'land but it could be fun to have a little play with.
Also, Ubisoft have been stressing the importance of the gamepad now for ages, so is the pro controller that important to have right now?

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