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Feature: Mii Plaza Puzzle Panels We Want to See

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Why not?

Yesterday we brought you an image, and the YouTube video to match it, of the McDonald's Big Mac Mii Plaza puzzle panel that's available in Japan: squeals of excitement could be heard and minds were well and truly blown. Or not, as it was just a picture of a burger, albeit with the added gloss of 3D.

Still, it's proof that Nintendo is willing to use real photos of various things in its Mii Plaza puzzle panels, so we've thought of some more that could be included. We don't have the marketing budget of McDonald's to make any of these a reality, but we like to dream.

R.O.B. doesn't enjoy much fame nowadays, apart from the occasional cameo as a reasonably decent fighter in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It's possibly because he featured in only a few NES games, and maybe also because he was painfully slow, awkward and a bit rubbish. The concept of a robot that could play video games was what dreams were made of, but the 1980s mass market reality didn't quite live up to the hype. Still, he's an iconic part of Nintendo history, so should be immortalised in the form of 3DS puzzle pieces.

The Power Glove really is so bad, yet its place in Nintendo history and pop-culture is unlikely to ever be lost; if any of you think there are too many peripherals nowadays, you probably weren't around in the NES days. If one image sums it up it's surely this one from The Wizard, with one of the film's villains riffing off a phrase made popular by Michael Jackson, and at the same time telling it like it is. The Power Glove is bad, and not in the early 90s 'bad-ass' way.

Oh Reggie, the things you'll do at E3 to show off new games. While many probably play the power cruising event in Wii Sports Resort while slouched back in a chair, Nintendo of America's fearless leader got into the spirit of it. That same presentation also featured some of the worst basketball smack-talk in the history of sport, but we'll settle for an animated and gently swaying Reggie in our puzzle panel.

Pikmin have a curious power over people, as regardless of age the very sight of them can make anyone exclaim a very honest "awwww" sound. They're too cute to ignore, and this image shows that their power is so great that the three biggest figures within Nintendo are willing to pose with them sticking over the top of their heads, even if it makes them look silly. From Nintendo's perspective this provides a nice 3D advert for the Wii U system in the background, so it's win-win.

Some competitions and promotions can be rather silly, and we believe that this Gamestop contest for a real Mario Kart counts as one of them. The idea may have sounded cool, but we suspect the winner was wondering what to do with it, and how ridiculous he looked, when he received his prize. There's also a large Mario going a bit 'street' in the background — check out the hands — so this isn't an image to show the grand-kids.

We're back where we started, with a McDonald's promotion. It seems strange that the original only shows a Big Mac on its own, which seems like a rather disappointing meal. Throw in some fries and a drink, and then we'll consider going out of our way to collect all of the puzzle pieces.

So, those are some of our ideas. What crazy images would you like to see in 3D, and with a little bit of animation to boot. Something tells us there's another Pikmin-related image that at least one of you will mention...

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Prof_Clayton said:

Haha that all sounds awesome! I'm hoping for some more from older retro games, like a 3d Super mario bros or Kid Icarus. :3



TravelingD said:

I'd like to see more panels without pink pieces, would like to avoid non nintendo items like that big mac.



C-Olimar said:

@Prof_Clayton It was an aeroplane from a Japanese airline. Seriously.

@SkywardLink98 That doesn't mean it won't happen in the future. It depends on what NoA thinks about the obvious product placement involved. I for one would love a big mac puzzle, but I think it's less likely to happen in Europe than anywhere else



Yosher said:

As long as they keep coming with those pink pieces, they can keep any further puzzle panels for all I care.



ouroborous said:

also, you need to be able to do something useful with them, like use them as wallpaper for your 3DS main menu perhaps? that would be awesome if that were a feature in any capacity...



Katernity said:

it seems like i get one new piece out of every 10 pieces i buy with coins. at this rate it will be years before i finish the ones i already have. R.O.B. would be pretty cool though.



Kyloctopus said:

Why not hand made ones.
Nintendo should let us take a photo, and give our fellow Streetpassers a panel, of our photos.



Grodus said:

@Klyo Because they would take 10,000 years to finish, they would all have to be pink peices, because thats the way nintendo thinks.

A R.O.B. panel would be awesome, even if it wasn't a real picture.



Syntax said:

This article gave me an idea that instead of receiving new puzzle panels every few months and waiting for find mii 3, games released for the 3DS and Wii U can come with exclusive puzzle panels and side quests. The puzzle panels works the same way where you share the pieces and they share with others but owners of the game can receive pink pieces just like regular ones while side quests expands find mii and when completed, your awarded hats that players can see on your mii and can only get them when they have the game. Fun and effective advertisement.



Tasuki said:

With Howard Philips popping up in the news lately they should release a Howard and Nester puzzle panel.



lanabanana said:

I want Animal Crossing, Luigi's Mansion:Dark Moon, Resident Evil: Revelations , & Paper Mario puzzles .
I'm pretty sure all of the puzzles i mentioned are coming out except the Resident Evil one



TheAdza said:

yeah those pink pieces give me the sads. I don't live somewhere where there is a lot of 3DS owners.



Minny said:

The biggest problem is the fact that the street pass function simply is not a viable option in the US. The only time I get any hits is when I go to some Nintendo meet and greet for Spot Pass or to an event with lots of people that is geared toward "nerdy" things.

A lot of this could be rectified by encouraging on-line play, and if some random on-line dude gets in your Mii Plaza, you can exchange the puzzle pieces as well.



Banker-Style said:

I'd like a puzzle panel of the guy who was playing the Wii Music drums at e3 2008.
And a Nick Clegg,David Cameron,and Ed Milliband one.



UnseatingKDawg said:

Not bad, but I'm still trying to finish all the puzzles after the initial 7. Those pink pieces are killing me; I don't find a 3DS out there too often. I think that for new pictures, they should have an app/update that lets you use your own. That might get too hectic though...



ThumperUK said:

How about the ancestor of the 3DS, a Virtual Boy panel? If Nintendo have destroyed all they have in a fit of rage, I could always send them a photo of mine!



Link-Rogers said:

They need to make a 3DS Sports Resort!! Also, a 3DS version of Pikmin 3!! I'm coming up with ideas!! Even though I'm a kid, can you hire me to work for Nintendo?



HaastMK7 said:

What they should do is make street pass puzzles such as

*Zombie U
*KH Dream Drop Distance
*Monster Hunter

and so on

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