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Tips: Two New Super Mario Bros. 2 Secrets

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Don't worry, fun but (relatively) spoiler free

If you're anything like the members of the Nintendo Life team, you're probably well on your way through New Super Mario Bros. 2, perhaps even beaten it, and are currently scrabbling around levels looking for elusive star coins and secrets. This title may hand out extra lives like they've gone out of fashion, but that doesn't mean that it's an easy game to beat 100%, far from it.

Of course the fun is in the discovery, but in our early time with the game we've stumbled across some little curiosities, and thought we'd let you know a couple of the less spoilerific examples. We're not claiming these are the greatest secrets known to Mario-kind, but may be fun for those yet to discover them for themselves.

Play as Luigi in single player

A matter of days ago we lamented the fate of the long suffering Luigi, always in the shadows of his famous brother. While that's still the case in this game, you can play as Luigi, outside of co-op, and give him much deserved time in the limelight. When you've beaten the main game — Worlds one to six — go to the file select screen and hold down the shoulder buttons as you select your save. When it starts up Luigi will be there, and though he doesn't have the higher leap that we've grown to love in the Super Mario Galaxy games, it's still nice to give him some game time. You could also do this in New Super Mario Bros on DS, so veterans have probably already been running around in green by now.

Keep those profile stars sparkling

If you've beaten the game, then you should have a golden star proudly sitting on your save profile; if you're a Mario ninja, you probably have a bigger collection. If you've played through the game without using the golden Super Leaf, meanwhile, then your stars will sparkle from sheer happiness and Mario magic. If, however, you succumbed to temptation and used the ultimate power up, that glee and magic will be lost forever, leaving you with plain old gold stars. These stars don't lose their sparkle if the Super Leaf appears on a stage — which is likely to happen to you at least once — but only if you actually use it. Considering that you'll likely have enough lives to make a family of cats jealous, surely you can resist its charms? (An exception, as raised in the comments below, is if the block appears and you save and quit the game without finishing the level. Finish what you've started!)

These are barely the tip, of the tip, of the iceberg. There are plenty of secrets and achievements to chase in this game, and as our New Super Mario Bros. 2 review suggests, we think you'll have a lot of fun tracking them all down.

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TourianTourist said:

Ah, it's nice that the sparkling only goes away if you actually use the help power up. I remember that in previous Mario titles just having the guide appear makes the sparkling go away, whether you actually used the help or not. For someone who always wants the 100%, that was really annoying.



Cipher said:

Didn't know the Luigi trick, I just assumed he was unlocked somehow - I never even knew he was playable in the original. Time to break out the green dungarees. Thanks!



ThomasBW84 said:

@TourianTourist I wholeheartedly agree with that. Super Mario 3D Land took the sparkle away if it appeared, I think, so I was pretty relieved to discover this one doesn't do the same



Kholdstare said:

@nadi Uh...

Back on subject, I've had a shiny 5 star profile since Monday and still frequently play the game. Steadily working up to a million coins!
Coin collecting is dangerously addictive...



RupeeClock said:

If you can beat the game having found every star coin and secret exit without looking up any guides, then I commend you!

It is not an easy feat, some of the ghost houses and some specific levels have deviously well hidden coins and exits.

Meanwhile, you should try and go for the maximum possible score on Coin Rush Mode....30,000! Can you do it? I have!

Oh! And how could I forget, did you know that shortcuts exist in the game that allow you to skip all of the Koopaling boss fights?
The fastest path goes from World 1, to World [SECRET], to World [SECRET], to World 6!



ueI said:

Do you really need to beat the game to play as Luigi? That wasn't the case in the DS version.



Gavin_Rozee said:

If the golden raccoon block appears on a level and then you save and quit, you lost the sparkly stars. It happen to me on the very last castle on the final secret world. I was pretty sad. Luckily, if you beat the level without using it the block disappears from the level and the sparkly stars returned. I tested this to double check.

I've got 5 nice sparkly stars



jhuhn said:

I did find the shortcuts to get to World Mushroom and World Flower thus far.



grumblegrumble said:

Thanks for the heads up! After two days of intermittent playing after work, I'm already on level 6, but definitely can beat my coin times on all levels I'm loving this game..



Whopper744 said:

Really great Mario game once again....just want a little more in the unlockable area instead of what we've already seen. Like maybe Luigi with different controls, or Yoshi, or something.....stars on a save file only provides so much motivation to perfectly complete the game....thankfully the game seems to be fun enough to complete without needing too many rewards though.



GameCube said:

@Gavin_Rozee Then NL should probably update/correct this article, since it says the sparkle is lost "forever" but you say it can come back...



Marioman64 said:

@Cipher the original actually told you the secret to unlock Luigi when you beat the game, if you were paying attention after the credits rolled

this game however, does not and I think that is silly




I know, I'm pathetic. On World 6 at the moment and still haven't beat this game yet. Although, I am getting a kick out of racking up the coins with that coin block that gets stuck to Mario's head everytime he grabs one. As of the case with Luigi , I could have figured this would be the same case as was the same way to get Luigi in New Super Mario Bros. on DS. Last, those gold Super Leaf blocks mean nothing to me. Haven't used any yet and don't plan to. I just don't get why they still have the equivalent to a Super Guide like this still in the game. I mean, is this really necessary to any of us as gamers who already know how to handle any of Mario's adventures?



Tasuki said:

Still working on my first play through right now I am on world 4 so far I haven't used the super leaf and I made it through world 3 without using one, I must have died at least 20 times through the course of the level.

Now I heard that if you beat a level with the golden leaf that you can go back and beat the level normal without it and than you can get the sparkle back. Can anyone verify that?





That's gotta be false. The way they have these kind of Mario 2-D side-scrollers nowadays is to make it feel like if you mess up like in the area of 5 - 10 times, then you get like a freebie item to help make the level easier. I mean, look at New Super Mario Bros. Wii , they gave you Luigi to help show you how to get through the level easier. Then in Super Mario 3D Land , they give you that invincible White Tanooki Suit if you grab an Invincibility Leaf.



NintendoMaster said:

I already got the million coins, yesterday! I played for hours on end since its Sunday release and have completed every aspect of the game. Time to wait for Wii U.



Bensei said:

Really hated it that I lost the shining stars in NSMB Wii. I didn't want to finish a level without getting all the star coins so I saw the Super Guide Block, but never touched it. Sadly, in NSMB Wii seeing it (by dieing 8 times in a row) was enough



AyeHaley said:

Do you lose the stars if you die in a level and save? (real save like Castle-save?)
Any penalty besides losing 1 life?

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