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Tips: New Super Mario Bros. 2 Rainbow Courses

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

A handy pot of gold

It takes relatively little time to beat the main Worlds in New Super Mario Bros. 2, but it adds many, many hours with unlockable levels, collectibles and secrets to discover. Yesterday we shared two small tips that would allow you to play as Luigi in single player and to keep those hard earned profile stars sparkling. Due to popular demand we'll share another tip with you today, and once gain it's a fun little extra, rather than a spoiler that'll help you beat the game too easily.

Rainbow Course

In some of the many adverts for this game you may have seen snippets of Mario running through stages with a rainbow background, in which it's quite literally raining coins. It's also possible to go through the main Worlds of the campaign and not find one of these stages, leaving some to scratch their heads and wonder where they can be found; it's actually a lot simpler than you may think.

Like a lot of things in this Mario adventure, this secret actually takes ideas from much earlier in the franchise and applies it in a different way; in this case it's the challenge of ending the level with a specific time on the clock. To make a Rainbow Course appear you need to hit the end of level flagpole with certain numbers in the last two digits of time remaining. In World 1 you need the last two digits of the timer to read 11, for World 2 is must be 22, World 3 ending with 33 and so on: this pattern runs up to 66 for World 6 and continues upwards for the unlockable extra Worlds, which we'll leave you to figure out.

If you get your timing right you'll get a slightly different celebration from Mario at the end of the level, and when he returns to the map screen a new stage with have appeared at the very start of the World. When you jump in you'll find yourself in a scrolling Rainbow Course, where your only objective is to grab an obscene number of coins and enjoy the eye-popping colours; keep an eye out for a special coin with a value of 100.

So there you have it, another little trick to see some colourful levels, while collecting plenty of coins in that crazy quest for a total of one million.

If you're still on the fence about picking this up, be sure to check out our New Super Mario Bros. 2 review.

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Scary_Old_Lady said:

WU: x77
W o|o: x88

W*: x99

These are the other digit combinations!



Ducutzu said:

Thank you for the explanation!

I accidentally unlocked the rainbow course in world one and had no idea how it appeared!



RupeeClock said:

These rainbow levels look cool but the coins you earn in them are pocket change compared to some levels.
What really matters is the chance to grab the 8 red coins and nab yourself a Gold Fireflower for your inventory, but simply playing level 1-Cannon is an easy way to get Gold Fireflowers whenever you need em anyway.

I'm surprised you didn't bring up the chance to get Gold Fireflowers for your inventory in the article.



NintyMan said:

Neat, I'll try that later on. It's nice that NL is starting these articles about game advice and secrets; it would help keep a slow news day from stalling the main site.



Robin_Aisaga said:

i only use rainbow levels for goldenflowers.
because you earn more coins in normal levels



Tasuki said:

Thanks for revealing this. I got it the other day in World 3 but I didnt know how I got it. When it happened I was dumbstruck and was wondering what the heck is going on that I didnt bother to look at my coin count or my timer to see a pattern, Getting these levels will make getting that million gold coin goal a bit easier.



Squirtodile said:

I saw this advert and never thought a second time i hadnt seen it. Ive beat the game and the mushroom world, but i never got this.



Philip_J_Reed said:

I triggered these a few times but couldn't figure out how. By the time I knew something was up, my time was converted into points and I couldn't see anything!

Really enjoying this one. Some of these star coins and secret exits are driving me crazy, but I refuse to look them up!



Squirtodile said:

Haha! Thats funny! Right after i read this i did it on purpose for world one, and i just got it on accident on world 5



TeeJay said:

I actually just figured this out yesterday while exploring if it did like what the DS version did. When it didn't, by random luck I thought, "What if the digits have to correspond with the world I'm in?" and boom, Rainbow Courses.

Coin Rush is still a way faster way to get coins though, especially after you beat the game.



Mk_II said:

This game contnues to make me smile. I'm beginning to feel it is at least on a par with Super Mario World; it really is that good IMHO. The level designs are pretty clever and it's a joy to explore them. Those guys at Nintendo really know how to make a game that is both accessible to all and difficult to fully master.



atariman said:

I don't have New Super Mario Bros. 2 but I will take this into Consideration,
Thank You Thomas WhiteHead!



shredmeister said:

OOoooH. Cool secret. I was TRYing to figure out how the flagpole-clock thing worked. They went a little more specific this time, huh?

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