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Official 3DS XL Japanese Website Launches

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

No blue in Nintendo's homeland

Now that the new 3DS XL has been announced, Nintendo has wasted little time in launching an official website in Japan. Interestingly, Japan has red + black and silver + black models, like Europe and North America, but doesn't have the blue + black version, opting instead for an all-white console.

The all-white version is the only model that we've seen so far with a consistent colour on the exterior and interior, and does look rather nice. As reported by Andriasang, the system will have a recommended price of ¥18,900, which is just over £150 at the time of writing. If you make a direct comparison, that means the Japanese price is higher than in the U.S., but that doesn't necessarily take into account sales tax in some states.

As for UK pricing, it seems to be the case that Nintendo is yet to confirm the wholesale cost to retailers, so any prices that are currently listed are likely to be pure speculation. Until more major retailers declare a solid price, we'll wait and see.


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mushroomer said:

i think all nations should just get black and white. seriously whats up with all these childish colors



James said:

I like the look of the white console from the neck down. The top half looks like a kids' toy for some reason.



mushroomer said:

Also, i already forked over 200 for 3ds plus a bought that batterly life extension for 10, not gonna go for this iteration.



FrozenCthulhu said:

"Interestingly, Japan has red + black and silver + black models, like Europe and North America"

I thought America isn't getting silver?



SkywardLink98 said:

Wait a sec, a silver model!? I'm trying to not trade in an old console for a new color because that seemed stupid, but a silver model would be soooo cool...
Please Nintendo! You don't want me to trade in my black 3DS do you!?!



GreenDream said:

Come to think of it, this looks like something one might see in a hospital...
I'm curious to know if the XL top half shell has a changed or improved manufacturing process of it's type of plastic over the original.



Cyrso said:

Wait those 3DS XL models are combinations of two colours?! Except for that White one?

I don't really care about all those colours I just one a plain black or white one. =/



Dbchuck said:

Does anyone notice that the led battery light is looking like some kind of heart shape led:-! Like the white version. Will be good for some games.



1takauchiha said:

I so hate this. There's nothing truely good about it at all. Go ahead and flame me, I don't care. If Nintendo keeps doing things like this, I may stop defending their decisions. Do you see how big it is? It's hardly portable!



luminalace said:

I traded my Australian Black 3DS for a UK White one. Now I want the White XL but it's only for fair!



WaveGhoul said:

lmao. So for you....Color = Childish, well....Now that's just childish.
If eveything was just Black and white that would be incredibly boring.



19Robb92 said:

God, I want that white one so bad. This XL version really looks a lot nicer than the original design.



StarDust4Ever said:

Technically, historically, for years (even in the 2000s) the yen was on par with the US cent, so 20,000 yen would have been pretty close to $200.00 were it not for the flailing US economy. I know because imports cost more than they used to.

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