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Register Mario Tennis Open This Week, Get 250 Bonus Stars

Posted by James Newton

So be quick

UK Club Nintendo members, listen up.

If you register Mario Tennis Open on Club Nintendo before 28th May, you'll get an extra 250 Stars added to your account. That's all there is to it.

Read our Mario Tennis Open review if you're on the fence about picking up Mario's bat and ball outing on 3DS.

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2-D said:

250 stars is worth absolutely nothing anyway.

That's like advertising food as coming with a free napkin.



SkywardLink98 said:

What's the conversion from stars to coins? 250 Coins is a lot here but the average retail game here get's you 50 stars.



CorusFace said:

What's wrong with more stars for registering a game early? Mario Tennis Open is definitely not a bad enough game for this to be some marketing ploy to try and get more people to buy it.....



NES_64 said:

I have requested this game for my Birthday, which is on the 28th May! And I love me a few extra Stars. So they only giving us the Saturday and Sunday to register?



Geonjaha said:

250 stars you say? Well in terms of DSiWare cards (which is all I buy with stars) 400 stars = 100 points (90p), so I dont think I'll be buying the game just for that thank you very much...



HaNks said:

better than nothing extra! shame the UK club nintendo is running a bit dry on rewards at the mo, got a couple of thousand stars to be put to good use.



Yosher said:

I think the ratio is kind of like, 50 coins is 250 stars. So, 1 to 5 ratio.
Either way, I was gonna get the game right at launch anyway so this is a bonus for me! As long as it means other PAL countries other than the UK get this too that is.



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

Actually, 250 can buy you 2 packs of Kid Ikarus cards, which with these 500, you can get 4 packs.

Not much, but not by any means worthless.



Willerz said:

Wow, some of you need to lighten up. They often give out extra stars for registering certain games early; although it's usually less. You all make it sound like Nintendo is desperate to shift the game.



Nightwalker said:

It still doesn't change the fact that this is one of the most disappointing Mario titles since... Well, since forever.



Henmii said:

Keep in mind guys that 3DS titles don't sell that well in Europe (compared to Japan, at least), though it must be said this is a Mario game (Mario games always sell)!

On Metacritic it gets a 7 on average, wich means that it isn't fantastic. But it's also far from a stinker!

People did expect to much from this game, with rpg mode and all. I guess this was a quicky for Camelot. I mean it got released pretty short after the first trailer.

Anyway, I buy it! It may not be great, but I guess it's still fun!

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