The Mega Man franchise has one of the most loyal fan-bases in the gaming industry, as shown by the Mega Man Legends 3 campaign reaching 100,000 followers recently. Will Capcom cave in and produce Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version for the 3DS eShop? It seems unlikely, but we can hope.

With the 25th anniversary for the series on the way it may be down to the fans to celebrate the landmark, unless Capcom has something up its sleeve. The good news is that enthusiasts are more than willing to keep the series alive, as discovered by fan-site The Mega Man Network. There are apparently two new fan games in motion, one already available for download and another in the early stages of development.

The first is called Mega Man Revolution, which is available now and attempts to recreate the style of the NES titles. Information, including download links, can be found on its website, while someone has already posted a speed run video on YouTube, below.

The second title is called Tuttle's Legendary Travels, with Tuttle being a little-known character from Mega Man Legends. On the game's website the developers state that it's early days, but that they plan for the title to match the scale and standard of the main series. This project also promises to involve fans in the way that Capcom's abandoned 3DS project did, so this could be an interesting title for those who were involved in the Mega Man Legends dev room. Some early footage is below.

So there you have it, two new Mega Man projects to look at. While Capcom may have decided to do little for Mega Man in recent times, it seems that the fans won't be discouraged.