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More Mario Tennis Open Details Served Up

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Piranha plants, online play and StreetPass

With the release of Mario Tennis Open getting ever closer, Nintendo is starting to tease more details about game modes and features. Today's update is a mixture of the old and the new, reiterating that online leaderboards and unlockable characters will be included.

There is some new information, such as matches and challenges that can be exchanged via StreetPass, with the victor enjoying the spoils of extra items for their Mii. Victory medals for online wins and a new 'Ink Showdown' game are also mentioned, so check out the details in Nintendo's own words below.

Following last month's unveiling of the Special Games mode in Mario Tennis Open, Nintendo has revealed even more details about the upcoming game, which launches for the portable Nintendo 3DS system on May 20. In addition to the variety of fun tennis games with a Mario twist in Special Games mode, fans will be able to connect with friends for online matches, enjoy new StreetPass features and unlock bonus game characters through game play and special QR Codes.

Newly revealed game elements include the following:

  • Online Play: Mario Tennis Open players can compete and cooperate in local wireless matches with other opponents and play exhilarating games. Players can also build up their Open Match standings, check the monthly leaderboard and win Victory Medals from every challenger they defeat.
  • Ink Showdown: In this fast-paced competition, Piranha Plants spit ink balls from the back edge of the court. Players must destroy the ink balls before they splatter, while hitting tennis balls away from an opponent.
  • StreetPass Features: Players can inspire friendly competition by using the Nintendo 3DS system's StreetPass feature. They can engage in competitive StreetPass Matches or cooperative Ring Shot challenges with computer-controlled versions of people they encounter and share their StreetPass winning streak. StreetPass can also be used to show off players' Mii characters, which can be customized with new outfits and accessories that can improve their on-court performance. As users play, new items for their Mii will be unlocked in the Item Shop.
  • Unlockable Characters: New and familiar Nintendo characters can be unlocked - some through game play, others via special QR Codes. Unlockable characters include Luma, Baby Mario and Dry Bowser.

This is shaping up to have a fair number of modes, are you interesting in playing a set?

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BenAV said:

Already decided to pay for my copy of this game.
Along with $300 towards my Wii U.



Yoshifan523 said:

"new and familiar nintendo characters" what could those characters be? and I can't believe they haven't released the information on how the gyroscope controls are to be used.
luma =



James said:

@yoshisfood2go You use the 3DS to look around the court and aim your shots, from what I can tell. It's in one of the earlier videos.



Edesto said:

"Mario Tennis Open players can compete and cooperate in local wireless matches with other opponents and play exhilarating games"

Does this mean that you cant play a game online against someone? There is no sentence in Nintendo's article that confirmes online play, could someone clarify this for me?



Beta said:

@Edesto&zenarium: As I recall there IS a an online mode, and to prove this even more, there is a Nintendo Network symbol on the cover. So don't worry about it ^_^



Edesto said:

I just checked The Mario Tennis Open site here in Europe, and it said you can have a friend battle and random battle Through Nintendo Network. So that is good news.



Xilef said:

Entered a competition were you can win this game. Wasn't to interested in the game to be honest but hey, maybe a free game.



NintyMan said:

Looks like some of the new characters are basically alter egos of other characters (Baby Mario, Baby Peach, Dry Bowser) so I hope more individual characters like Luma are included. I'm interested in a Wario outfit and a Donkey Kong suit, so there's going to plenty of customizable goodies to play around with.



SuperNictendo said:

I'm thoroughly excited for this. I can't wait to slip money out of my honeymoon savings for this lol.



ThomasBW84 said:

There is online multiplayer, it looks like this press release only specified local for some reason. Fear not!



Nin-freak said:

Now that they don't have to make a new Power Shot for each character, I hope they add tons of characters!



HanuKwanzMasBif said:

Can't wait! I did the pre-buy survey on Club Nintendo just an hour or so ago, actually!
Nintendo Power gave it only a 7/10, but they didn't mention any flaws, except that there isn't much content to go around. This press release says otherwise, though.



FonistofCruxis said:

I'll play as the actual characters themselves rather than a Mii in a suit of the characters if I get this game.



mamp said:

I'm skipping out on this game, it looks like they just rushed it in order to release something. I feel like it's lacking that Nintendo quality most Nintendo games seem to have.



mamp said:

Also when they say new characters do they mean new as in never seen before, or new as in new to Mario Tennis?



Cotton said:

I hope this has a story mode like the gba version that was my favorite game



Emaan said:

I hope Fly Guy, who was in Mario Power Tennis is unlockable. Loved using him!



Knuckles said:

@Cotton, Sorry to break this to you, but I'm 99.99% sure that there isn't an RPG mode in here
[Looks at Nintendo Power]
But I don't know any information on a Story mode, so sorry.

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