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Wed 12th Jan 2011

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Edesto commented on Kid Icarus: Uprising on SNES Might Have Looked...:

In the first picture you can see Pit is doing a dash, this would mean that if this game would have been real, it would have more dynamic gameplay than the original 2D gameplay. Which makes me even more psyched for a new 2D Kid icarus game.



Edesto commented on More Mario Tennis Open Details Served Up:

"Mario Tennis Open players can compete and cooperate in local wireless matches with other opponents and play exhilarating games"

Does this mean that you cant play a game online against someone? There is no sentence in Nintendo's article that confirmes online play, could someone clarify this for me?



Edesto commented on Features: The World of MotoHeroz:

I'm surprised that there are still some good looking downloadable games in development for th Wii at the moment. With the new console being announced at E3 and all.