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Europe Gets Rayman Origins 3DS Demo This Week

Posted by James Newton

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European 3DS owners can give Rayman's next adventure a fair shake when the eShop updates with a Rayman Origins demo this week.

Come Thursday you'll be able to try out the portable port of the limbless hero's latest — and some would say greatest — adventure, ahead of the full game's release in a few weeks' time.

Is this one you'll be downloading?

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McHaggis said:

'Is this one you'll be downloading?'

Who's going to turn down the chance to try a game for free?



James said:

@McHaggis You'd be surprised!

I'll be interested to see the feedback on this one from those who've played it on other consoles.



potomas said:

Got this on ps3 and vita.Will buy on 3ds if 3d is as cool as i think it will be.



BenAV said:

I already have it on the Wii so I definitely won't be buying the game, but I'll give the demo a run anyway.
The game's okay, but not good enough for me to buy it on multiple systems.



Bass_X0 said:

sure. may even be a demo I keep. i can only keep a few without running out of space.



Raptor78 said:

Still got loads of space on my SD card... glad I went for the full 32GB one, so cant wait to download this demo to add to the others.
I even keep the Demos of the games I have purchased in case im out and about and without the cart and my friends want to see what a game is like, although as soon as space becomes an issue they will be the first to go.



Jono97 said:

I'd take it as it would be in Australia as well... The e shop has always been receiving similar content to Europe.



Kyoto said:

Definitely going to try it! I'm not sure about buying the retail game though. I already have the 360 version.



welsh_gamer said:

Love Rayman Origins. Will give it a try, may buy it when it reaches £14 or so, if the 3D and Streetpass features impress me.



Not-Another-Ad said:

I already have the Wii version,but I will give this a go.
If the game has more content,then I will go for it.
I've heard that it's a budget title,is it true?



hYdeks said:

yayaya, europe gets everything while NA gets a flaming bag of dog crap Geesh, being a NA Nintendo gamer kinda sucks lol



CommanderAudio said:




Ryon said:

the way i see it, any game that can run on the Wii can run on the 3DS. equally if not better.



eleven59 said:

I've bought it on 360 and vita- deffinately awesome and fun, and the music is crazy!



luminalace said:

This is awesome news! I have been waiting patiently for Rayman Origins to release on 3DS but a demo will tide me over until June!




I've played Rayman Origins to smithereens and its personally my favourite 2D platformer on the system, even surpassing the brilliant Nintendo IPs. However, may trade it in if the 3DS version is any good as the lad and I are done with co-op. Would love to experience it again on a 3D handheld. Please be good, please.



Metalskull said:

Tryed the demo today there is a noticeable frame drop and the overall textures are a bit blurry i don't know if im going to purchase the retail version.

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