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Angry Birds NES Cart Catapults Into View

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Perhaps Shigeru Miyamoto would like one

Last week Shigeru Miyamoto shared his admiration for Angry Birds, even mischievously suggesting that it would be better on DS. Even better though, what if it had been on the NES?

The idea is crazy and technically impossible, but perhaps that adds to the charm of the pictured NES cart produced by, a website that sells recycled carts with an artist's retro-styled label: apparently the cart will still work, so a random game is part of the deal. For those with a taste for quirky video game art, these may push some buttons.

Whatever the franchise or brand, imposing it into the 8-bit world of the NES makes it so much cooler: see Google Map's April Fools if you don't believe us.


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Whopper744 said:

Why did they make it an Angry Bird's Christmas label?? Not that it's a big deal I guess if it's supposed to be a Christmas version of Angry Birds.......not real sure what I'm talking this seriously about something that isn't even a real game..



_mikero_ said:

The Christmas label is odd. I think a Thanksgiving theme would have worked better



TeeJay said:

Everything's NES, NES, NES. What about about the SNES? It's obviously far superior. u_u



SteveW said:

Why is it technically impossible? you're saying that the NES can't handle something as complex as angry birds? lol



ronworkman said:

@VintageBoy, the blasphemy you talk about was the exact reason that we had to make a Sonic cart. We knew that a handful of people would appreciate the impossibility even more.



ThomasBW84 said:

@SteveW That's exactly what I'm saying

The NES could do some cool stuff, but zooming on command, scrolling quickly enough and having actual physics for environments getting knocked over? Any attempt at a game like this on a humble 8-bit cart would be too bad for words and impossible to recreate a genuine equivalent, in my opinion



RR529 said:

This is the second AB story on this site within a week's time. It's a little disturbing...



XxGame_LoverXx said:

I thank it woulda been possible...I mean come on look what they made and did widd duck hunt and came out very pretty sure they woulda thought u sumthing to make it work...if it was me i woulda took da same idea they did with duck made this lil touch pad that can use to sling the birds back and forth and woulda been jus like that...even tho da grapchics woulda been kinda but not in those times tho




I just LOVE NES (Even though grew up with and more prefer SNES) renditions of modern day games very interesting, artistic, and chaming to me. That's why I downloaded so many classicies from the VC on Wii.

Also just to share I've recently downloaded God of War, Halo & Left 4 Dead all redone in 8 bit on PC with a few fan made games of popular seris Team Fortress Arcade & Maga Man 8 bit deathmatch and lastly 2 orginal 8 bit inspired games Treasure Adventure Game and Jump Alone check them out they're all GREAT you can use any old PC to play em and most importantly THEY'RE ALL FREE!!



WaveBoy said:

Angry Birds? "What is this? Blood...I'll be examening this. I hope this is not 'Chris's' Blood. Chris is our old partner YA KNOW!?!?!?!?"



theblackdragon said:

@ronworkman: I'm guessing you're the spokesguy for these carts — how often do you update the available library with new designs? Some of the other ones are quite ingenious (lol Game of Thrones) :3



pntjr said:

THAT'S IT. I'M GETTING MY NES BACK FROM MY BROTHER. First Google Maps, now THIS??!?!?!?!?!?!?



Animaniacs1Fan said:

I.. can't... stop... LOLing... Hahahahha... So funny.... I... Like it... Hahahaha.... (BOOM)

I collapse onto the ground



ThreadShadow said:

The NA NES style carts are big enough to allow room for Super FX style chips to be included so, I don't see why Angry Birds couldn't work properly on the NES. Maybe there's more to it though.



NintendoFTW1999 said:

@pntjr Google Maps isn't actually coming to NES, and neither is Angry Birds. But it still would be a good idea to get it back, if you keep it in good, working condition, it'll be worth a lot someday! I use my mom's all the time. I play Yoshi and Tetris. Anyone else play Yoshi?

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