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XSEED Reveals Unchained Blades for 3DS eShop

Posted by James Newton

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XSEED Games is known for bringing top drawer RPGs to North America — it's publishing The Last Story after all — and it's just revealed another role player for Nintendo fans to get their hands on: Unchained Blades.

The Japanese dungeon-crawler — known as Unchained Blades Rexx in the Land of the Rising Sun — will get a digital release in the 3DS eShop later in 2012, and comes from a star-studded development team. Scenario designer Takashi Hino worked on classic 32-bit RPG Grandia, Toshio Akashi has experience on the Lunar series and famed Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu has contributed to the soundtrack too.

XSEED is hoping the game's first-person perspective, accessible battle scheme and developer heritage will secure it a hit when Unchained Blades launches later this year.

XSEED Games to Publish RPG Title Unchained Blades on PSP® and Nintendo 3DS™ in North America
Dungeon-Style Japanese RPG Title from Lunar and Grandia Series Veterans Coming as a Digital Download in 2012

Torrance, Calif., (March 28, 2012) – XSEED Games, an independent-minded publisher, is pleased to announce today that the company will be bringing the dungeon-crawling RPG title, Unchained Blades, to gamers in North America on both the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system and the Nintendo 3DS™ hand-held system in 2012. Originally released as UnchainBlades ReXX in Japan last summer and developed by FuRyu,Unchained Blades is a role-playing game set in a monster-filled world, and was directed by Toshio Akashi of the Lunar series, while the game’s story was penned by Grandia series veteran Takashi Hino.

“We at XSEED Games are delighted with the opportunity to bring a title like Unchained Blades to North American gamers,” said Ken Berry, Director of Publishing at XSEED Games. “Unchained Blades represents a collaboration between some of Japan’s most high-profile developers and artists, offering a unique blend of classic RPG gameplay paired with an eclectic mix of art styles.”

Unchained Blades follows the story of the dragon emperor, Fang, who after being stripped of his powers by the goddess Clunea, embarks on a journey for revenge and to regain his true form. Arrogant and vengeful, Fang is joined in his quest by a cowardly golem prince, a shy medusa priestess, a young phoenix clan maiden, and many other mythical beings seeking to meet with the goddess.

Due to the collaborative nature of the game’s design, each of the 13 main characters was created by a different artist. The main character Fang was designed by Pako, most famous for his work on the Shining Force series, while other characters were fashioned by artists such as Toshiyuki Kubooka (Lunar), Shinichiro Otsuka (Summon Night), and Kazushi Hagiwara (Bastard!!), to name a few. As such, each character has its own distinct and signature style.

In Unchained Blades, players journey through the game with a party of up to four characters, moving through dungeons in a first-person perspective and engaging in turn-based combat along the way. Using the game’s unique “Unchain” system while in battle, players are able to try and convince monsters to follow them. If they are successful in using the Unchain system, the enemy monster will then join their party and help them in the future by blocking attacks or supplying players with special offensive abilities. Each character in the player’s four person party can hold up to four “unchained” creatures, ensuring plenty of combat variety. The game has also been completely redubbed with new English voice-overs and boasts over 60 hours of gameplay.

Developed by FuRyu and published by XSEED Games, Unchained Blades is currently in production and will release as a digital download on the PSP system and Nintendo 3DS in 2012. XSEED Games will be sending out more product info in the coming months.


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Magikarp3 said:

This would be so awesome if there was more than a 10% chance this will ever see the light of day in Australia...

I mean, the guy doesn't even mention Europe!



AbuJaffer said:

I can see this being the start of a new era for the eShop, where full-fledged games that wouldn't sell well as retail will come as digital downloads, for a much more value packed price.



AbuJaffer said:

@oiiopo XSEED is a North American publisher. It brings games to North American audiences only. If it does bring games to Europe, it has to sign up with another publisher, and let the project go from there. Don't forget, developers make the games while publishers advertise and put them out to retailers.



James said:

@oiiopo I'm optimistic this'll get picked up for release in Europe — the digital release might make it more enticing. Will keep you all posted on any EU developments here!



XCWarrior said:

Digital release sounds Great. Keep it around $10, and I'm all for it. A reason maybe to have to get a bigger SD card down the road...?



Samholy said:

rpg? you got me hooked right there.
eshop ? got more attention
lots of artists i really like work for this title ? the hook pierced both my cheeks
xseed? im almost at the boat...



FonistofCruxis said:

I knew about this since its announcement last year and was originally interested as I liked the look of the story and characters but the first person perspective put me off as I don't like first person RPGs.



Kafei2006 said:

Yeah great... eShop cards aren't even out yet, so I can't even buy anything from the eShop. One year in the life of the system, and eShop cars aren't available yet. I love you Nintendo !



Weedy said:

Yeah it all sounds great. Just make sure you have the sound turned off when you watch the trailer, the voice acting is woefully bad!
That said, if it ever comes to Europe I'll still buy it for sure.



RetroGBHippie92 said:

Wow! an RPG for the Eshop? haven't played an RPG from either the DSiware/Eshop since Zenonia first came out, I'm glad this is coming out, but I hope the whole PAL region gets it and not just europe, as they seem to get all our 3DSware that we miss like Pyramids



MeloMan said:

That's an impressive line-ups of all-stars that worked on the project. Too bad I'm not really one for dungeon crawler RPGs. Can't wait to see more, I may just change my mind yet, especially being a downloadable game.



Mowzle said:

Sounds interesting. Thanks for the article James.
A bit off topic here, but talking about blades reminds me. Does anybody have any news about a likely release date for Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword in the EU eShop?



TingLz said:

@Retro: Sorry to disappoint, but XSeed only publishes in America, so someone else would have to publish this game in the PAL regions



AVahne said:

For eShop?
I wasn't interested in it when I saw it. Thought it would be retail, but as an eShop game, I'll probably buy it!

EDIT: Good thing I have a 32 GB SD card in my 3DS, this game looks to be bigger than a normal eShop game. Voice acting and it looks like it has anime cutscenes. Hoping for a $10 price point, highest I'll go is $15. $15 is the same I paid for Spectral Souls on Android.



Spoony_Tech said:

Just seen this n Nintendo power. Looks great and a defendant download for me. Hope it comes out soon!



RR529 said:

Never have been attracted to first person RPGs, but I'm all for supporting RPGs on eShop, to show there's interest for the genre on the service. I'll keep an eye on this one.



RetroGBHippie92 said:

@Lordlz So if Xseed doesn't publish in PAL regions, will we get it at all? well the only dungeon crawler i've seen sitting on our shelves is Etrian Odyysey 1 and that's pretty much it.
I was talking yesterday with a store manager at EB games and she too sees the lack of great RPGS on our shelves here in NZ (not to mention on the Eshop as well), she wanted to get Tales of the Abyss for her 3DS but because it's only available on order on a local website called MightyApe, she has to resort to getting it over the internet, which sucks because it means she has to wait 4-6 weeks for it to arrive at her doorstep. I feel the same way whenever I see a great game appear to come out in America or Europe but not here. Nintendo needs to step up their game HERE and in Australia (I know NZ had distribution problems 3-4 years ago, and Nintendo of Australia took over, but this is ridiculous).

We Probably won't get Unchained Blades, but here's hoping!



TheRegginator said:

It's a PSP and 3DS multiplat? I hope the 3DS version doesn't suffer in quality. It better be the superior version.



belmont said:

XSEED games in all PAL regions but only for PSP and only for PSN.

So far they have published YS Chronicles, YS OIF, YS 7, Corpse Party and maybe some more.

So they could release this games in PAL too.



DraculaX said:

Sounds interesting, but I think I will keep waiting until they announce Etrian Odyssey IV in North America.



Popyman said:

"Takashi Hino worked on classic 32-bit RPG Grandia"

All I needed to know--sold.



TingLz said:

@RetroGBHippie92: Considering the game is an eShop release, I think it's possible. Publishing costs are most likely much lower than digital distribution depending on how much Nintendo may charge for a game.



JeanLuc_Vaycard said:

Me want! Yay Xseed! Hope this does indeed come in 2012. Also @Popyman just want to say I love your avatar. Glad to see people support Rolling Western



alLabouTandroiD said:

Voice acting sounds awful in the trailer. But if gameplay is good enough and the price is right this could be worth a shot. Can't see myself spending more than 20 € for a downloadable game, sorry.



hYdeks said:

the game is coming to psp and 3DS? Is the Vita like dead the day it came out or something?



Adam said:

Didn't expect this one to come here at all. This worked out perfectly. The voice acting is terrible but kind of funny. Hopefully you can turn it off for when the amusement factor wears off.

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