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Wait, There's a Spectrum Emulator in GoldenEye?

Posted by James Newton

Secret agent

Of all the cheats and secrets tucked away in GoldenEye 007, we never suspected Rare's N64 classic harboured a fully functioning ZX Spectrum 48k emulator.

Rare began a coding experiment to see if the N64 could support a Spectrum emulator, even embedding old-school Rare games Sabre Wulf, Jetpac and more in the code. Clearly the experiment worked, but it was never removed from the final retail code and remains to this day.

Don't go booting up the game and trying to play some Knight Lore though: while the emulator is fully functional and resides in every retail GoldenEye cart, Rare rendered it inaccessible and inoperable. For shame.


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Incognito_D said:

Rare were so great back in the day. Donkey Kong Country, Banjo-Kazooie, Goldeneye, Conker's BFD... They put so much effort into all of their games. It's a shame what became of them... Forced to content themselves with developing a tragic Wii Sports rip-off



Shiryu said:

I was stunned by this news when I read about it. Well done RARE circa ,1997 you mischievously brilliant barstewards.



ajcismo said:

Why Microsoft and Nintendo can't work out a deal on N64 Rare games for VC releases is beyond comprehension. Goldeneye, Conker, Perfect Dark, and Banjo would literally print money for both companies if they were playable on the Wii (U) and/or 3DS. But I guess thats the problem though, both companies don't want to share that money with each other.



Kafei2006 said:

I suppose this was not all thrown to waste though. You could still play JetPac in Donkey Kong 64, as a bonus game (likely that emulator code was reused there).



SkywardLink98 said:

It's kind of stupid that Rare's games were put onto the Xbox. Sure Microsoft bought them, but they're N64 games, so Nintendo would have to agree to let Microsoft use the emulator right?



Mk_II said:

the old Ultimate Play The Game games like Jet Pac and in particular Atic Atac are still my all-time favourites



Stuffgamer1 said:

@SkywardLink98: Not if Microsoft didn't actually emulate. All they had to do was reprogram the game to run natively on their hardware, which is certainly not a new concept. It also explains why the games run in HD with Achievements. Emulation usually can't tack on that kind of stuff.



RadioShadow said:

Well a patch has been made which makes the Spectrum Emulator work.

So I've basically had a Spectrum emulator in my copy of Golden Eye all this time?



WhiteTrashGuy said:

Back when gaming was a more of a cult hobby. Alas the same thing has happened with film and comics; everything has been homogenized for mass consumption.



RantingThespian said:

@vonseux Why leave in pictures of all past bonds? Why leave in a weapon called null that doesn't do anything? Why leave in that outpost in the damn level? Why leave in incomplete multi-player level versions of the Cradle and Statue? The world will never know.

Seriously, though, how is it a HD remake of Perfect Dark was possible, but not GoldenEye. That always puzzled me.



PikanRikan said:

All I want from Rare is Battletoads on the VC. Killer Instinct 1 & 2 would be nice too...but give me Battletoads.



Zenszulu said:

Ah Goldeneye the game with millions of secrets that Rare just kept hidden, I remember back at the time when Rare released the cheat codes that you just tapped in and could help you beat the game, they managed to keep them a secret even after Perfect Dark was released, can't say I am too surprised something like this is in there.



Flowerlark said:

I used to play this game with my brother. We didn't let him use the golden gun. We got killed enough by him without it.



Starwolf_UK said:

I thought after Citidel was found there was nothing left...

@Kafei2006 . I thought so too but the method used to find this emulator turned out nothing when used on Donkey Kong 64. Crazy as it sounds, Jetpac might have been re-coded for the N64...which makes me wonder if DK Arcade was too. Either of those would be just as mindblowing as this is...



Henmii said:

"Don't go booting up the game and trying to play some Knight Lore though: while the emulator is fully functional and resides in every retail GoldenEye cart, Rare rendered it inaccessible and inoperable. For shame"

And now everyone will try to unlock it. And who knows: Maybe someone succeeds!

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