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Fri 20th Jan 2012

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PikanRikan commented on Feature: WiiWare Games That Bit the Dust:

To #7 and #35 - I too was really looking forward to Descent. That game used to fit on a few 3.5 mb disks back in the day and after Interplay released MDK2 on WiiWare, I had hopes for Descent. The Interplay website still lists a potential release in 2012 but I'm not holding my breath.



PikanRikan commented on Talking Point: The Critical Importance of Blac...:

Does anybody remember how a certain Nintendo console helped begin the console FPS craze? (Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Turok). Fast forward over a decade and now it's quite the opposite.

Despite how you feel about FPS and COD, Nintendo needs these games in order to stay competitive. Otherwise, it becomes a niche console that only hardcore-Nintendo fans want to buy. That is good and all for us Big N fans, but for Nintendo to thrive as a business, it needs broad support and a wider audience. Wii won the casual/non-gamer audience but as a long-term strategy in video gaming, that doesn't work. A casual might like playing Wii Sports, but they won't suddenly become gamers buying multiple games and sequels.

The WiiU needs to win back the hardcore gamers with COD, Battlefield, AND Mario. I want both worlds: I want a Nintendo console that has great 3rd party support so I can compete head-on with the other consoles AND I want to play great Nintendo exclusives. I want choices. That to me is a winning formula.

Yes, I do play MW3 on the Wii and I enjoy it...there's actually quite an active community in this game. You can be a Nintendo loyal and play COD...they can co-exist.