UK newspaper Metro is renowned for its loose grip on reality — who can forget its 2010 story video gaming leads to surge in rickets? — but it's excelled itself again today.

The paper reports an 8-year old boy suffered "severe burns" from two tea light candles. Hardly newsworthy in itself, but the boy was attempting to replace the Wii's sensor bar with the candles, a well-known trick among Wii owners as the light from the candles replicates the sensor's infra red functions.

Or not, according to the Metro:

Two tea lights were used to copy a method adopted by some gamers to remedy faulty Nintendo Wii sensor bars, which work using heat.

Oh, so that's why we need to fill our Wii sensor bars up with fuel and why they're made of plastic — because they work using heat.

The story continues:

But the schoolboy, from Ammanford, Wales, was airlifted to hospital with injuries to him arms [sic] and shoulders after his clothes caught alight. Nintendo cautioned against the quick-fix.

We wish the boy a full and quick recovery. Next time, maybe playing with matches and candles isn't a good idea for an 8-year old.