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Mario Kart 7 Mobile App Makes Kart Combos Clearer

Posted by James Newton

Take advantage

With so many different kart pieces to unlock in Mario Kart 7, it can be tough knowing what's what and how to maximise your kart's abilities for land, sea and air. That's where the Combo Explorer app for iOS and Android can come in handy.

The application lets you create a custom kart from all in-game parts and see how it stacks up against another configuration, with hidden stats giving you the full picture on your chosen chariot. You can 'lock' certain characteristics, letting you tweak a ride around your favourite character or glider and see how its statistics change accordingly.

It's a nifty little app that could shave seconds off your best times or give you the all-important advantage in online play. Keen MK7 players with an iOS or Android device might want to check it out at Combo Explorer.


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GamerDude said:

Awesome, shall download straight away!

EDIT:On second thought £1.49, is to much sorry!



Jono97 said:

Meh don't have a phone. I don't find the point of having one. Thats why alot of ppl in my situation chose an ipod over a 3DS. But I chose the 3DS >:3



Fuzzy said:

Don't see the point in having one? I would have thought the point is pretty clear...

Anyway, I'll download this and give it a look: anyway thing that can my times better is good for me. Saying that, I've got a lot of improvement to go before I can become anything near competitive.



Mok said:

So now we need spreadsheet applications to play console games as well as possible? Count me out.



JayceJa said:

the fact that you cant see all the very important and significant differences in kart performance in game is appalling to begin with

playing time trials, i couldnt fathom how the cpu was so much faster on me in one of the mainly water levels when my kart has the highest filled speed bar you can get, i had to look online to confirm that there was completely different stats on karts for air/sea/land

havent played much mariokart 7 lately, but if i decide to go back to it for timetrials ill definitely take a look at this, however im more than happy with my zuchini+red monster wheels for grand prix



TeeJay said:

I just bought the MK7 guide which has all the secret stats, so no thanks.
Plus I don't have one of dem shmancy smartphone things.




That's a clever little app actually. Not despearte for it though. I take it Nintendo are alright with this



gingerbeardman said:

@Mok of course you don't need to use the app, but if you were interested in improving your combination it makes the process of discovery and improvement totally painless.

@LEGEND_MARIOID as far as I know, they are. The app has taken over a month to be legally cleared by Apple.

@Aqueous that's a great table of data, but it doesn't allow you to easily compare two combinations or experiment with changing out parts. My app makes that sort of stuff really quick and easy.



Sh00kst3r said:

Meh, this $30.29 iTunes money I have is becoming rather useless. Guess I'll get it.



Lobster said:

Well, one day I will have a device it can run on. And on that day I will probably get it. But that day is not today.



theblackdragon said:

@gingerbeardman: Whether it's worth the current price or not is in the eye of the buyer, isn't it? Since it's your app, I'm sure you feel it's a great value, but for someone who might use it once and then forget about it perhaps they'd be more satisfied with a free option. :3



gingerbeardman said:

@theblackdragon: Of course

Building an app like this takes a lot of effort. Sadly I can't spend weeks of my time creating a tool like this and then give it away for free. I'd love to add new features to this app, and even build more apps along the same lines. That takes time and money, as I am sure you understand.



gingerbeardman said:

@SpaghettiToastBook the app doesn't currently display those tiers in any way. They were discovered after I had submitted the app to Apple (9th January). I am looking into the best way to add them in a future update.

@SanFrisco9er I would love to put a version on the eShop, but it is not something I can currently do.



Tasuki said:

Why spend the money when I am sure you can find this info anywhere on the net. Maybe for free I would download but for the price its not worth it.



Visor said:

God people need to stop moaning about price. £1.50 is nothing. This looks like a pretty handy app. I'm sure you can get similar information fore free elsewhere so if that's your thing fair enough just stop moaning about the price.



rjejr said:

I think it's funny that poeople are complaining about a $2 app for their $40 game. Usually people are complaining that a $1 game on iOS is $40 on a 3DS



StarDust4Ever said:

I've got a generic Samsung flip phone with no data plan (it does take pictures though). But at least it can survive a four foot drop onto a hard surface, unlike 90% of smartphones!

Oh, and I've got a 3DS too!



Sh00kst3r said:

@StarDust I've dropped my phone, old DS (How it chipped off the hinge), 3DS, my glasses, and iTouch countless times. But holy cow, are they little MIRACLE WORKERS that survive each fall. ...Well, mainly my glasses... They're built like a TANK.



Adam said:

Glad this is available, but it doesn't make much sense that you can't see this in-game to begin with, and I'm curious why they would do this for phones and not as a 3DS channel/app/ware/thing. Anyway, not a complaint, just a curiosity. It's free and on a platform I have, so all cool.



gingerbeardman said:

As @theblackdragon says, the unique selling point of this app is that is allows you to compare two sets of combos easily. You cannot do that as easily anywhere online, I'm sure that's worth the price of a milkshake to a whole bunch of people.



theblackdragon said:

@StarDust: i've seen so many people with busted iPhones, but with as many times as I've dropped or accidentally launched mine across the room, I find myself wondering how the hell they got their screens to crack. these things are built like little flat tanks, lol.

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