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Fire Emblem 3DS Europe-Bound in 2012

Posted by James Newton


Fire Emblem (tentative) is coming to Europe in 2012, Nintendo has revealed.

The strategy RPG is heading to 3DS before the year is out, with a full European translation and DLC plans.

Nintendo reveals the first lot of DLC for the game in Japan will be free for a limited time, and will include new maps and story. Nintendo also says there may be some interesting game character crossovers, though didn't say what.

Still, Fire Emblem is coming to Europe. Huzzah!


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Aviator said:

Huzzah! Get ready to die villagers who reside in this cartridge, Navi is coming!!



LittleFuryThing said:

This is great.
Thanks to the Ambassador thingie, I got a chance to play a Fire Emblem game for the first time - was interested in past games, but never got round to trying any out. It won me over.

Really looking forward to this.



Late said:

One more game to buy. Don't have money for all these games.



edhe said:


The information about Fire Emblem's European release came from Nintendo Europe's Nintendo Direct feature.

In about an hour, Reggie Fils-Aime will be hosting something similar, and a US date will surely be provided.



ville10 said:

Anyone else who noticed that Marth appeared in the trailer? He was masked and fought against the main character. This is getting interesting...



BenAV said:

Very exciting news.
Loved the trailer.
Can't wait for this game.



AVahne said:

Americans aren't getting this game...not announced yet at least I hope. I really do hope it eventually comes over here, along with FE12 for DS. Though lately...Nintendo doesn't seem to think America is worth releasing many games in anymore.



komicturtle said:

A crossover?

The Legend of Zelda sounds resonable. Maybe even Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest (Intelligent Systems did develop DRAGON QUEST WARS).

Can't wait ^_^



AVahne said:

Now for the game, the crossovers look to be characters from the other FE games. The devs DID say they wanted to do a sort of all star FE game, it looks like that idea slipped into this game. You could see the crossover feature in the original trailer, with Krom defeating Marth at the end of the video.



Robo-goose said:

This just made my day! If Fire Emblem Awakening is coming out in Europe, it's definitely coming out in America! Also, that DLC sounds interesting; knowing Intelligent Systems, they'll probably be adding extra maps that look into the stories of various characters.



Doma said:

hope that DLC is free for us aswell, cause i know i'm buying this day one.



Expa0 said:

Holy ****! A good game in 3DS? In europe no less? What just happened?



kdognumba1 said:

I'm glad us in the America's are getting The Last Story but I sure would love it if I lived in Europe right now XD



SomeBitTripFan said:

Fire Emblem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This, Kid Icarus, my coming copy FE:PoR an RD will last me till Wii U! DAY 1! Fire Emblem DLC= EPIC

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