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Nintendo Has These Wii Games Planned for Early 2012

Posted by James Newton

Mario Party and more

Proving that there's life in the old dog yet, Nintendo Europe has sent over a list of Wii games you can expect to play in early 2012 and beyond.

While there's only one WiiWare game on the list — and most disappointingly no Virtual Console titles — the retail releases are still of a pretty high calibre, with big hitters across the board.

There's also the confirmed European name for Rhythm Heaven Fever — in Europe it's known as Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise.

Here's the list for your perusal.

Nintendo Wii Software for 2012

Boom Street™ (Nintendo/Square Enix) — 6th January 2012 (Spain, Germany, Portugal, Italy - 23rd December 2011)
The Last Story™ (Nintendo) — 24th February 2012
Mario Party™ 9 (Nintendo) — March 2012
PokéPark™ 2: Wonders Beyond (Nintendo) — March 2012
Winter Sports 2012 (PQube) — Q1 2012
We Sing Pop (Nordic Games Publishing AB) — Q1 2012
We Sing 80's (Nordic Games Publishing AB) — Q2 2012
La-Mulana [Download] (Nicalis) — Q1 2012
Pandora’s Tower™ (Nintendo) — Q2 2012
Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise™ (Nintendo) — 2012

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Aviator said:

Only 2 games interest me on that list.

How many times as La-Mulana been pushed back?



Mr_G said:

For the love of me i cannot fathom why nintendo has not released anymore new play control games? Hello wind waker would be amazing with it and with wii motion plus! Just release those games and i will be happy



skywake said:

When I first heard about Rhythm Heaven on Wii months and months ago I thought we'd get it this year.... good to see it's not forgotten



WiiLovePeace said:

Sweet! Glad to see a bit of distance between The Last Story & Pandora's Tower, hopefully enough time for me to finish The Last Story before Pandora's Tower comes out. Disappointing to see Mario Party so late in the year, I was hoping to have it now but oh well. & I am soooo glad La Mulana is still coming to Wii, wish it had made the cut all those months ago but oh well. Yay for being a Wii owner!



NintyMan said:

Looks like March will be a good month with Mario Party 9 and Kid Icarus: Uprising coming out. I'm glad that NOE is being so open about upcoming games. I'm sure that those games will come out very near to the North American release as well, so now I think I'll start thinking about pre-ordering those two after Christmas.



BenAV said:

Out of that list all I'l probably buy is Boom Street, The Last Story and Pandora's Tower.

Can't wait for them though!



SimonB79 said:

awful! awful! awful! .... there isnt anything even remotely worth buying on that list ... the wii is stone cold dead ... RIP!



Link79 said:

What about Xenoblade chronicles?
That was recently announced. Why isn't that on the list?



Aronos said:

Only 1 Wiiware game
What happened to Retro City Rampage?
I heard about them coming out for Xbox Live and other delays, but their website still states Wiiware.
At least La-Mulana is coming soon.



ville10 said:

Still only 2012 for Rhythm Paradise?

Just give me a release date already!




Considering the Wii is on it way out effectively that's not a bad Q1 list. Only interested in Mario Party 9 as its the first real MP game designed for the Wii. MP8 was obviously a rushed GC port to the Wii for me. Will monitor Beat the Beat RP closely.



koelboel said:

I´ll be picking up Last story and probably the Mario Party 9. It´s good to know you have something to look forward to, makes you more game-hungry knowing what, and how long you´re waiting for.



misswliu81 said:

when reggie said earlier there will be more games coming out for the wii next year, i assumed there will be other titles besides these ones.

i hope that is the case next year.

but of the ones listed, boom street, the last story, mario party 9, pandora's tower and rhythm paradise all interest me more than the others.



Klaarover said:

Eh.... does that mean Strider, SFII online and Double Dragon II will be here before new year's eve?



FonistofCruxis said:

I'm definitely getting The last story and Pandora's tower and I might get Mario party 9 and Rhythm paradise fever. I know thats not its name in Europe but I think the European name for Rhythm paradise Wii is stupid so I'd rather refer to it as a name that mixes its American and European names.



shoopdawoop70 said:

Rhythm Heaven Fever FTW!

What about SSF2, Strider and Double Dragon 2? I was gonna get ALL of those



darklinkinfinite said:

oh, that's Nintendo Europe's list.

I got all excited when I read "The Last Story" and kinda sad when I didn't see "Xenoblade" then I saw "Europe" and now I'm doubly sad



Blaze said:

So, the Wii lives until Q2, where Pandora's Tower will end the run. Then we'll just have to wait for Wii U



sinalefa said:

You Europeans are so lucky for getting to play The Last Story in less than three months. I hope it gets the Xenoblade treatment in the States, even if it takes a long time to arrive.



Thwiidscube said:

Woo! Can't wait for Rhythm Heaven Fever! Mario Party sounds nice too, but I've never been a great Mario Party player...



Yanchamaru said:

For a moment, I started crying tears of joy seeing Last Resort & Pandora's Tower on the list, then I realized I live in the US



alLabouTandroiD said:

Not a bad list for a system that many buried alive a long time ago. Can't wait for The Last Story, Pandora’s Tower, Rhythm Paradise, BIT.TRIP COMPLETE, maybe Rodea, Fishing Resort, Puyo Puyo 7, more WiiWare and VC games.
.And there are so many other great games Ninty could still bring to Europe / the entire west ... I'd say it shouldn't be hard to please the hardcore crowd if you give us those titles.

PS: Are Project H.A.M.M.E.R and The Grinder officially cancelled now ?



smetloos said:

the last story and pandora's tower for me. pretty addicted to xenoblade at the moment, so hoping to finish that one before those two. the rest does not interest me that much.

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