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Monster Hunter 3 G Helps 3DS to Its Best Ever Sales in Japan

Posted by James Newton

Staggering numbers inside

In news equivalent to the revelation that the Pope is head of the Catholic church, Monster Hunter 3 G has racked up phenomenal sales in its first week in Japan.

The game sold a staggering 471,055 copies in its first two days. As a point of comparison, Super Mario 3D Land accumulated 343,492 sales in its first week.

Monster Hunter had a healthy effect on 3DS hardware sales too, helping the console shift 378,114 units across Japan, even beating the machine's launch week sales of 371,326.

Bring on Monster Hunter 4, then.


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XCWarrior said:

Agree on waiting for the Western release for this. But those are impressive sales numbers. Have to believe those will continue and Monster Hunter will be the first million seller on the 3DS. Sales are probably going to go up for the system for the near future.

I know it won't be that crazy here in the US, but they will be good. Come on Capcom, make the announcement!



Kitty_hime1 said:

i gots to start saving my money buts it's hard to when your a girl so you feel like you needs ta spend your money plus there's frozen yogurt out there that needs to be eaten at menchie's lol



Aviator said:

Just remember that people in Japan practically have Monster Hunter on their toast.



Skotski said:


You mean rice.
(not racist - they just don't eat toast as much as others ... besides, rice bowls are the best breakfasts ever)



SimonB79 said:

this game would be an instant buy if it had an online mode .... i spent hours & hours playing the wii version (with the classic controller)



Bankai said:

Skotski, have you been to Japan? Yes, they eat rice, but they eat a lot of bread too. French-style bakeries are common and popular over there.

On topic- I saw a demo of this a few months ago in Japan, and 3D does great things for Monsteer Hunter. Not surprised by these results at all.



Terra said:

Woah woah woah, slow down a second. The Pope is the head of the catholic church?



motang said:

Nothing new here, and this is good news for 3DS as there are more units out there now!



zionich said:

The things I want to do to that box and its innards =( Come to US soon /cry



AbuJaffer said:

It literally sold PSP's and Wii's in Japan, so I'm not surprised at all. I was expecting more system sales (Monster Hunter affectionados finally jumping in on the 3DS bandwagon) but it's still mighty impressive. Just wait until MH4 comes out... whew, now that will be a system seller. People will probably buy a system bundle with that game when it sells out, even if they already have a 3DS. Them Japanese sure like to hunt.



pixelman said:

Damn. Almost half a million copies in two days. This is great!
now just confirm it for NA plz Capcom



Traxx said:

Dear Capcom/Nintendo,

please release this game in PAL regions, so I can help increasing the sales numbers.

a fan



Glade said:

Well. It's Monster Hunter, The game's friggin epic! Oh and It's Japan, They love MH more than pokemon! Nuff said!



Megumi said:

Let's see how it does over here Capcom.
(online or no online, I don't care, just want it, lol)



matirishhh said:

I'ts awesome. In Japan there is 128 million people, and every 257th person bought this title. It's very very impressive




Mario, Prof Layton and Monster Hunter guarentee huge, huge sales of Ninty hardware. They should've known this in the early slowish start to nthe 3DS sales. Safe to say 3DS is very much in the big leagues now. Need to keep its momentum up worldwide now.



rjejr said:

It's just hard for me to imagine that a remake of ANY Wii game sold half a million copies in 2 days and outsold a NEW Mario game. Anybody care to share the first 2 days of Wii MHT sales? I'm assuming there was a much higher Wii install base when that version released.



Megumi said:

also @28: 3G is far from being a remake, it's an EXPANSION. Meaning it took what Tri had, threw in most of 3rd's content, and added some new stuff here and there.



Henmii said:

"Monster Hunter 3 G Helps 3DS to Its Best Ever Sales in Japan"

As was expected! Japanese people go nuts for the Monster hunter franchise!



kingofe3 said:

Holy crap! If you add these numbers next to the numbers on VGChartz, then... the 3DS is nearly 11 million sold! Of course by 400,000, but still it'll reach a near 14 million by the beginning of next year! And that's only within 9 months!



Haxonberik said:

If Monster Hunter 4 becomes 3DS only, that system is bound to break records in Japan. I´ts good to see the install base of the 3DS is growing before the Japanese release of the PSVita, that because of having lost its share of the holiday sales in the West, apart from its now more expensive cost, will hardly sell more than the 3DS. The future has "shifted" for the 3DS, and it looks bright, not that I ever doubted.

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