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Nintendo UK Calls Circle Pad Expansion "Slider Pad"

Posted by James Newton

Is this the official name?

The announcement of a release date for Resident Evil Revelations came with a small nugget of interesting news: the first time a western branch of Nintendo has mentioned the upcoming Circle Pad expansion in a press release.

The official release mentions the attachment in passing, saying:

The game is also compatible with the new slider pad, a second circle pad with two more shoulder buttons, enabling you to interact with the environments in new ways.

It's interesting that neither Slider Pad nor Circle Pad are capitalised, whereas earlier in the same release the phrase "touch screen" is capitalised. Perhaps the above sentence was added late on, or Slider Pad could be a working title for the add-on.

Either way, it practically confirms we'll be seeing the attachment reach Europe along with — or maybe even before — Resident Evil Revelations is released on 27th January.

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Corbs said:

I can promise that this slider pad add-on will never be put on my 3DS, no way no how.



Detective_TeeJay said:

So they went back and took the old name they were originally going to give the circle pad? Cool. Still not gonna get it though. XD Probably



JayceJa said:

Slider pad is a pretty cool name, not as cool as a nun-chuck, but it'll do



C-Olimar said:

How could Nintendo release an analogue stick that connects to a regular controller? They've never done THAT before...



Dyl_73 said:

I can't wait for RE:R, but the new attachment just makes the 3DS too bulky. It would also mean having to get a new case to carry my 3DS around in safely. The soft case I have now probably wouldn't be big enough.



Ryno said:

How many people who say they are not getting this also said they were not getting the Wii Motion Plus but will be swinging that around like a sword come November?



LordAndrew said:

I've seen both Circle Pads referred to as such. I think they're just using the terminology already in use.



DarkLloyd said:

i see well i'll wait and see for a remodel to include second pad after all some games are going to make it manditory so sucker up the cash people



shinesprite said:

I get the feeling it will end up like the balance board, wii speak, and motion plus accessories — people will only get them if they have one of the select few games which support them.



CorusFace said:

i don't understand the huge fuss. should a second analog pad have been originally incorporated into the 3ds's design? absolutely. but to not buy the add-on "out of principle" is foolish and self-damning. why limit your enjoyment of something? why deny yourself full range of gameplay options? nintendo got the point. everyone complained about there being no second pad, so they are doing something about it. the size is the only real issue. don't complain about their current solution! it is probably the best thing they could have done. and all for $10.



Corbs said:

I think this is the most idiotic thing I've ever seen and it makes the 3DS look like piece of incomplete junk. The 3DS is just fine like it is. Has nothing to do with principle.



James said:

If it makes Kid Icarus: Uprising the game it should be, I'm on board.



TheGreenSpiny said:

@14: Uprising is already the game it should be. Looking forward to that one. Did they give a release date yet?



TheGreenSpiny said:

@12 CorusFace: It's not about limiting your enjoyment. I in no way, shape or form have ever enjoyed dual analog controls. I was glad the 3DS didn't have a second slider, because developers could not fall back on this crappy control scheme instead of using proper touch controls ala DS. As long as it optional I'm cool with it. If they make a 3DS lite with a second slider then I'm gonna be mad.



James said:

@TheDarkness I haven't been hugely impressed with its controls on the deck so far; in the air it's magnificent, but on the ground it's poor. Here's hoping a second analogue stick sorts that out



shoopdawoop70 said:

if it needs batteries (which it will) its a cheap cash in IMO. but then again... rechargeable batteries...



Milkman-123 said:


ikr?! i am sure that nobody got pissed when nintendo announced the nunchuck, or wii balance board. so why is everybody getting mad at the 3DS "slider pad"



Shadowflash said:

@20 & 21
Maybe cause it makes it look clunky? idk. I'm not gonna hate on it until I see/feel it for myself and can make a full judgement.



pntjr said:

@corbs But you love the vita and thinks it should kick the s*** out of 3DS? Nintendo gives a 2nd circle pad, what the Vita has and what we want, and you just never use it? You confuse me in many ways.



Supremeist said:

It's hard to justify paying for something that should have been on the system in the first place.. sigh I'm still going to pick it up so I can play RE: Revelations and Mercenaries with a little more comfortable controls.



Mowzle2 said:

@Corbs I agree with you this add-on doesn't look very cool, but I have to just mention, even though I may get my head in my hands to play with
you sound just a teensy weensy bit like the original grumpy old man



Henmii said:

I don't think "slider pad" will be the official title, since the analogue stick already is called slide-pad!



StarDust4Ever said:

@Corbs posts #1 and #13: My sentiments exactly! The circle pad addon takes a beautiful championing work of art (the 3DS), and makes it look like a handicapped contestant at the Special Olympic Games. I can't see how this oblong contraption is going to help sales at all.



SkywardLink98 said:

This'll end up like Wii motion plus. Monster Hunter G isn't requiring it, and I can imagine that being the real reason people would buy it.

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