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Limited Edition Zelda eShop Cards Confirmed for Europe

Posted by James Newton

Due before Christmas

The Zelda 25th anniversary celebrations continue around the world. Next Tuesday sees the Zelda symphony reach London, and Nintendo of Europe has also confirmed it'll release limited edition Zelda eShop cards across the continent.

These are the same designs as Japan's eShop cards and will be available later on this year. Remember these cards work on the digital store fronts for 3DS, Wii and DSi, so you can pick up a classic Zelda adventure on Virtual Console if you so choose.

Will you be heading out to pick up a Zelda prepaid card when they're released?

We'll be attending the Zelda symphony next week so stay tuned for plenty more anniversary celebratory content.


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Teh-Ray said:

Get ambassador Zelda I+II on 3DS.

Buy Zelda eShop card.

Get Zelda I+II on Wii Virtual Console.

Now you're playing with power.



Kage_88 said:

Lovely artwork.

I think I'll buy one and not use it...just seal it up and let it become a collectible!



sillygostly said:

@ clubmini: They're available at EB Games stores in $15/1000pts (Super Mario) and $30/2000pts (The Legend of Zelda) varieties. Strangely, I haven't been able to find them anywhere else (not even at Game).



Raptor78 said:

It would be nice to find an eShop card let alone a Zelda version. Still no sign of any anywhere!



FonistofCruxis said:

@Raptor78 and @Rocketship Try Tescos or Sainsburys, thats where I've found eshop cards in the UK. They're not normally in the games section though. They're normally with other prepaid cards like the itunes cards. The artwork on that Zelda one does look awesome though.



GezMacTavish said:

I'm going to buy a eShop card next mont, it dont intressed me when its a Zelda card or a normal card..



Red-acteur said:

It really is like the Phone booth cards of olde ^^

Well now, where are the eShop cards in France !? 3 months I search for them EVERYWHERE and no sign of it (while I found them EVERYWHERE in England 2 weeks ago... T_T)



RoyalBlur said:

Normally, I would complain and say what about us in North America but I'm actually happy for the Europeans! Congratz to you in the UK!



RYBlast said:

Sexy artwork is sexy.

Anyway, for all the people attending the London concert, enjoy!



AlbertoC said:

@29: I understand. Mexico doesn't have them too. And knowing how pathetic everything is here, probably we never will get them. Perhaps i need to import a eShop prepaid card from the USA. (Not everyone is entitled to have a credit card, and i loved the nintendo points cards. Thanks nintendo for your regions, AGAIN.)



Henmii said:

Awesome artwork! You can see that the one with all the Links is made specifically for the anniversary, wich I love!



Aqueous said:

An eshop card in general would be nice instead of all the excuses for what's happening, like:
-all of the North America Cards went to the states
-there aren't any we will sell you a code that Nintendo will authorize right on the spot and we give you the little slip of paper with it
-we don't know
-etc, etc

It does prove retailers have all sorts of excuses for why they don't have something yet but I'll just continue to wait.

Also I've heard an imported one from the states did not work in Canada, I forgot where but Mexico is likely the same.



FonistofCruxis said:

@Rocketship I live in Peterborough in England and my local Tesco has them. Maybe they haven't been distributed as widely in Northern Ireland. Maybe you could try Sainsburys if there are any near you as I've bought one from there too.



Raptor78 said:

Ive asked at the big branches of ASDA and they know nothing of them all they do is point you in the direction of Nintendo points cards in those stores that do them and nothing about the eShop cards. That includes the ASDA living stores as well which stock all the non food items. It isnt as though these big stores arnt located around their head office either because they are.



Ahiru77 said:


OoT-art Link looks nothing like that! He's way fiercer.

They make it look like TP-Link actually isn't dead-faced and weak.........they lie.

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