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Explore Skyward Sword's Skyview Dungeon

Posted by James Newton

How can a dungeon have a sky view?

We don't know how the estate agents came up with the name, but Skyview dungeon is the subject of a new trailer for Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

The dungeon follows on from the Faron Forest featured in yesterday's dowsing trailer, and features swordfighting and an appearance from Lord Ghirahim. It's the same dungeon we played in our Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword preview, in fact.

Stay tuned for more Zelda details in the run-up to its November launch.

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Blaze said:

Saw this earlier today, Skyward Sword just keeps getting more and more interesting!



Late said:

It seems like their trying to bring new video every day, I soon know everything about this game before I get to play it



Link79 said:

How can a dungeon have a Skyview you say?
Methinks Mr. James Newton never played Twilight Princess.
Remember the sky palace?



James said:

Played Twilight Princess and no, I don't remember the sky palace, but a palace isn't really a dungeon is it?



Link79 said:

@ James
Well you might have a point there. Dungeon, Palace, Tomb whatever
Anyway yeah Twilight did have a sky palace in the later part of the game.
You fight a big dragon at the end using your double clawshots.
Ring any bells?



pikku said:

Yeah, that dragon boss of the Sky Temple in Twilight Princess is one of my favorite Zelda bosses.

you really dont remember it James? ;___;



theblackdragon said:

come on, guys, leave him alone — i get the feeling he mentally blocked out any memory of having played TP. lord knows i've tried that trick myself, lol. >:3



Dynetheous said:

i hardly remember any of TP lol but the only parts i really remember are the very beginning and the sky temple with all the orca's thats it



Link79 said:

Here we go again more Twilight Princess bashing.
Why is it always that game more than the rest?
I guess I'm a weirdo for loving it.



shingi_70 said:

won't even be able to play it this year and its my console goty.

anyword on the Giant Scorpion from the E3 demo still being in the game.



shingi_70 said:


Twilight Princess missed alot of people expectations. It was the third game to use the whole get the three parts to enter and get the master sword. Thats not a gameplay problem but a plot Flaw that comes with the master sword and that part of the timeline.

Still Twilight Princess is my OOT.



Link79 said:

@ Shingi_70
That doesn't seem like a good reason for TP to miss peoples expectations. Just because getting the master sword required three items is kinda a trivial thing to be dissapointed with.
You gotta earn it somehow. Who's to say it won't be similar in skyward sword? Unless everyone else knows something I don't.



19Robb92 said:

I kind of got a Metroid-vibe by this trailer. Especially by the music. Gave it a feeling of being all alone in that big temple.

Creepy and a bit saddening. Looks great though. I have nothing against a little Mertroid influence in my Zelda.



Late said:

I haven't even played Twilight Princess yet. I was thinking of getting it sometime now that it's part of Nintendo selects.



Luffymcduck said:

Don´t worry, I like it too. Actually, it´s in my TOP3 best Zeldas list (others being Wind Waker and Majora´s Mask).
Ghirahim looks a like a cool boss character.



warioswoods said:


I waited a long time to play it--long after the initial praise died down and the vocal minority of disgruntled fans took over--so I was able to play TP with fairly open expectations. I loved it. It's a grand adventure game with a ton of detail and, in my mind, a far better story and atmosphere than any prior 3D Zelda outside of Majora's Mask. So, count me among the supporters.



Meta-Rift said:

@shingi_70: I don't think that's the reason. No one seemed to care when OoT was the second game to do that. Somehow, people got the idea that Twilight Princess was going to be a revolutionary game that would change the series forever. That's not a very reasonable expectation. Twilight Princess isn't the best Zelda game, it's the game that Ocarina of Time should have been.

Wind Waker and Twilight Princess are like two sides of the same coin, and Skyward Sword looks like it's going to combine the best traits of both games. It might even be better than the 2D games.



NX01Trekkie1992 said:

did I see a plant with a heart growing out of it in the skeleton battle (new way of healing?) also, if this is an early dungeon, does that mean Ghirahim will be the first boss as well as (presumably) the final boss? or was that just a phantom in this dungeon like Phantom Ganon in OoT.



warioswoods said:


"Wind Waker and Twilight Princess are like two sides of the same coin, and Skyward Sword looks like it's going to combine the best traits of both games"

You know, you're right. That's an interesting trend right now in the Miyamoto-led franchises: they seem to be focused on consolidating and integrating the different kinds of gameplay and visuals from recent entries, attempting to produce a pure formula that retains a little of everything. That includes Skyward Sword's integration of WW and TP, as you said, but also includes Mario 3D Land in its attempt to fully integrate NSMB with the 3D entries. They're not focusing on expanding but on consolidating the gameplay right now, it seems.



motang said:

Looking forward to having some good quality time with this game over Thanksgiving weekend!



Shining-Void said:

i will buy this game
then i will play this game
then i will beat this game
and finally i will play it again



ClockworkMario said:

I too like TP, actually more than OOT, probably because I finished it before OOT. Tp is after WW my favourite game, at least better than that 8 NL gave it.



Link79 said:

Good to see there's a few others who didn't outright despise TP.
I will never understand why it's more debated than any other Zelda. It's like Other M and it's highly argued upon quality. Twilight doesn't seem like an Ocarina clone to me but if that's what people wanna call it.



Teh-Ray said:

I liked Twilight Princess a lot, and to call it a OoT clone is as ignorant as calling Nintendo "kiddy".

However, there was a certain magic that was lost with Twilight Princess compared to the other 3D Zeldas such as OoT and WW.

Even so, it's not a bad game at all, and hate with Twilight Princess is just from being a snob. Same thing goes for Other M.



sinalefa said:

At Link79

Majora's Mask's last dungeon is also an outdoors dungeon, at least some parts of it. So that one had a skyview too.

Anyway, the Sky City on TP is probably my favorite Zelda dungeon, and to this day TP is the Zelda game I have enjoyed the most. This one seems fit to take its crown in November.



Nintendo64Boy said:

Sigh... Why is it that they want to show the dungeons and bosses and all these things... I just want to get the game and see for myself. It's like they want me to know what it's about. What's next? Final Boss Video? I want to find out myself. I didn't want to know about Dousing, or upgrades, or the story behind Ghirahim, Zelda, Link, or any of the characters. I'm glad they show previews and small second-long clips of things like Beedle and I like the shield can break, because that gives us something better than when you buy the Hylian Shield in TP, you don't have to replace it. Now the shield might break, and you can get a whole other shield. (Which might get annoying after a while). But it got me thinking, when the shield is about to break, you might see cracks, or when I like-like (if there are any) eats it, it gets damaged. Just some thoughts that I want to theorize about, and not find out by video.



19Robb92 said:

Then just don't watch the videos. I cant believe you're complaining, especially not on this particular video, which is exactly the same video we've seen a million times since E3 2011. There nothing new here.



pikku said:

Twilight Princess > Ocarina imo. seriously, if you're playing them today, there really is no reason to like OoT more, TP just does eveything so much better. it's so epic n_n
Also, Other M is great too.



Dodger said:

@Teh Ray I wouldn't say it's completely unfair. I've been playing through TP and enjoying it but I do feel sometimes like I'm solving all the same puzzles (example, finding the 4 poes again), visiting all of the same places (this doesn't even need an example.) and hearing all of the same music (example, remix of the lost woods theme in the master sword area). It feels like OoT 2.0, not a new Zelda game. That's not really bad. I like it but I see why people would complain.

And I know that you just said it's ignorant to say that. I think it's a fair opinion. There are places where things feel new in TP and the areas that are reused are redesigned so it's not like they look the same. Still, there are plenty of moments of deja vu. Maybe it's just because I played OoT first.

I still like Ocarina of Time more then Twilight Princess but I like both. I'm really looking forward to Skyward Sword though. It looks like it could be better then both OoT and TP.

Here's what I've always thought. You might say that you think a Zelda game is the worst Zelda game but the series is high quality enough (don't even mention the CDi games) where the "worst" one is still a good game. I see people say either Phantom Hourglass or Twilight Princess and while I could agree with either, I still like TP and PH a lot. PH was a lot of fun and my first Zelda game. There hasn't been a Zelda game that I've played that I haven't enjoyed.



grumblebuzzz said:

This reminds me more and more of a Disney movie every I see new footage and I'm still trying to determine whether that's good or bad.

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