Link seems pleased

Are you ready to start your weekend with new details about the most anticipated Wii game of the year? We strongly advise reading on, then.

Nintendo has released a new trailer and details about Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, with the first video below showing off the brand new dowsing ability.

The press release promises details about Faron Woods, one of the first areas you'll explore in Link's next adventure, but it also introduces his dashing ability, brand new to Skyward Sword. We also have 20 new screenshots below, rounding off a superb day for Zelda fans everywhere.

Nintendo Reveals Details About Faron Woods in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for Wii

7th October 2011 -The Legend of Zelda™: Skyward Sword represents one of the deepest and richest game experiences ever produced by Nintendo, taking more than 100 staff members over five years to produce. It will launch across Europe exclusively for Wii™ on 18th November 2011, and as part of the lead up to launch Nintendo will be revealing information about the game.

Among the game’s many richly-rendered environments is Faron Woods, where the heroic Link™ must complete important tasks as part of this epic journey to rescue Zelda™. To help him do so, players can use unique abilities and items as they navigate the forest. Newly revealed game elements include the following:

  • Faron Woods and Skyview Temple: The forest is the first location Link visits after leaving Skyloft, an island world suspended high in the sky. The people of Skyloft have never been to the surface, so this marks a strange new experience for Link. Traversing the forest leads him to Skyview Temple, where Zelda may be being held.
  • Dash: By holding down the A Button, players can make Link run faster and grant him acrobatic abilities, such as the ability to briefly run up a sheer wall to grab onto a cliff. This uses up some of Link’s stamina, which replenishes itself over time after they stop using Dash. Certain powerful attacks, such as the Spin Attack, also use up stamina. When all of Link’s stamina is used up, his movements become slower for a few moments while he recoups his energy.
  • Dowsing: Fi, the spirit of the powerful Goddess Sword and Link’s guide, informs Link that he can use the sword to search for things through dowsing. In dowsing mode, when Link holds out his sword, the sword will beep when pointed in the direction of the intended target which will flash. This technique can be used to search for many objects and characters in the game. In Faron Woods, Link uses it to search for Zelda, guiding him to Skyview Temple, where Zelda’s aura can be detected.
  • Kikwi: The Kikwi are cute, fuzzy creatures that Link encounters while exploring the forest, resembling a cross between a plant and an animal. Link can search for the Kikwi in the forest using dowsing to aid him in his search for Zelda.
  • Slingshot: This is one of the first items that Link receives in the game. While it’s not very powerful, it can be used to stun enemies and activate objects in the environment. As with many items in the game, players aim the slingshot by moving the Wii Remote™ Plus.

Nintendo will continue to provide fans with select details and information about the game prior to its 18th November launch across Europe.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will be available as a limited edition bundle, featuring a copy of the game, a CD featuring selected orchestral arrangements from the The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony performance and a rare gold-coloured Wii Remote Plus controller bearing the Hylian Crest. Pre-order* now to avoid disappointment and to secure your copy.