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GameCity to Transform Nottingham into Hyrule Town

Posted by James Newton

Only with more shambling undead

UK event GameCity has established itself as one of the most notable events in the gaming calendar: kicking off five years ago with a celebration of SEGA music from maestro Richard Jacques, it's since taken in Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi, zombie world record attempts and everything in between. This year it's teaming up with Nintendo as part of the ongoing Legend of Zelda 25th anniversary celebrations, turning Nottingham city centre into a Hyrulean market town for a day.

You'll be able to get your hands on Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword before release as well as create your own sword and shield, chill out at the LonLon bar and finally learn to play the ocarina like you always wanted.

Once you've mastered the mystical instrument, there'll be a mass rendition of some famous tunes from the series, with those who take part awarded with a limited edition Zelda-branded ocarina.

The event kicks off on Saturday 29th October in Nottingham. If you're going, let us know — we're bound to make an appearance.


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Jgam said:

i love to be there but well.... thats the kind of things you dont see in this continent



Jgam said:

have fun, enjoy, take plenty of pictures, teach us how to play the ocarina and bring us some gameplay from the skyward sword PLEASE!!!



-TR said:

I live in Nottingham. This is about the first good thing to come out of the place, unless you like teen pregancies and stabbings. I shall be going though, pretty excited already!



Morpheel said:

You must remain calm. You must be happy for them. It's not like things like this will never happen ever again. You'll get to visit other events in the future.

That's great! Have fun and take lots of pictures and videos so we get to see everything! [/eyelid twitch]



C-Olimar said:

Never been to a gaming event before, but I live in Manchester so it should't be too far. Shame 3D video recording isn't here til November though!



Pokefanmum82 said:

wish i could go but i live too far away....i'm sure someone will post a video of this on youtube



LztheQuack said:

Turn Northern Mississippi into Hyrule Field. We already have the bunch of nothing covered!



antdickens said:

First Nintendo Life had our first annual meet up in Nottingham and now this, Nintendo are following our lead



mitya said:

"Might need to take a bulletproof vest, Link" - was that supposed to be funny? Gun crime is never a joking matter, and besides Nottingham's reputation for this is somewhat unfair; it has fallen significantly in recent years.



ImDiggerDan said:

@21 - There's plenty of evidence that Robin Hood was from Yorkshire. And he died and was buried a few miles from my house in/near Mirfield.

That history lesson aside, Nottingham is about an hour away for me, I'd be tempted to go if I wasn't 40 and hadn't already pre-ordered the game.



Victoria said:

I'm not a Zelda player myself, but I wouldn't mind going just to meet up with other NintendoLife fans.



joeyman said:

I live just near Nottingham so I might go (as long as there's no football)

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