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United Kingdom

Sun 25th Sep 2011

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mitya commented on GameCity to Transform Nottingham into Hyrule Town:

"Might need to take a bulletproof vest, Link" - was that supposed to be funny? Gun crime is never a joking matter, and besides Nottingham's reputation for this is somewhat unfair; it has fallen significantly in recent years.



mitya commented on Review: MotoHeroz (WiiWare):

10/10? Come on... the game is innovative and fun, and the physics is spot on, but the game does have its faults.
1) The single player. Clearly this is less of an emphasis than the multiplayer but the difficulty curve is somewhat off. One minute you're doing fine, then you get to 'run for your life', which might well be one of the hardest segments of any game I've ever played in 20 years. Fun? No - frustrating. The single-player campaign is further let down by the fact that (at least from what I've seen so far) you can't use upgraded cars that you buy - they're for use only in multi-player.
2) The game lacks any sort of freestyle or training mode, meaning the action - fun though it is - is dished out in small doses in the form of short races. How good it would have been to have a freestyle mode where you can pick a course and just dash around, no timer, no opponents. An even better extension to this idea would be a level editor.
3) Multiplayer: since it's single-screen, if one player falls too far behind he reappears at the position of the opponents further ahead! Thus you could be lagging badly, then suddenly you morph into first place.
4) Items. Some of them are questionable additions; the bird and parachute come to mind.
5) Whilst the courses are mostly great, some of the obstacles hinder the action - particularly the fences where you have to break it down to procgress. What this translates to is just sitting in front of it holding down accelerate waiting for it to fall down. A pointless stoppage to play.

It IS a good game. I'm focussing on the bad parts because it seems very few have. But it's no where near a 10/10 - if any game should ever get the perfect score at all.