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Something Bugs Us About This Centipede: Infestation Trailer

Posted by Trevor Chan

Time to tuck those trouser legs into your socks

Before arcade shooter Centipede: Infestation gets released on the Wii and 3DS later this year, Atari would like to open our eyes to the types of bugs we'll be disposing of via a trailer aptly named, "Bugs Trailer".

Players will take on the role of Max as they travel the wasteland that the planet has become and protect a young girl called Maisy, whose garden could be the key to saving the world. Not only will the game contain enough creepy crawlies that will make most minor celebrities scream: "Get me out of here!", Centipede: Infestation will also feature a selection of weapons that players must utilise if Maisy's garden is to be protected.

Armed with weapons that come with intimidating names like the Lightning Orb Gun, Nuke Cannon, Freezethrower, and Mine Launcher, Max will have to flex that trigger finger like there's no tomorrow if he is to exterminate the giant mutated centipedes, spiders, beetles, grubs, caterpillars and perhaps the most annoying of all, moths. Everybody hates moths, right?

The bodies of dead bugs can also be used to create power-ups and new defences such as turret guns and barricades.

Game features:

  • Reimagined version of the classic gaming franchise designed specifically for the Nintendo Wii and 3DS
  • Explore an expansive new world with 7 environments, 40 stages and 5 boss battles
  • Choose from over 20 different weapons and power-ups to battle against more than 20 different types of bugs
  • Immersive storyline filled with a variety of gameplay and intrigue
  • Team up with a friend to kill even more bugs with 2 player co-op multiplayer
  • Unique “street pass” feature for 3DS – Unique content shared between passing Nintendo 3DS units

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Centipede: Infestation is scheduled for a Wii and 3DS release this Fall.

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User Comments (34)



Ren said:

looks pretty cool, but it's not centipede. why call it that, even? I guess name recognition goes a long way. I like the "smash TV" feel of it. Looks like multi-player would be a blast.



Superducky said:

And people wonder why the iOS is killing handheld gaming.

This looks like it would be maybe 5 bucks on the app store.



Bankai said:

Looks like a cheap version of Team17's Alien Breed games.

Those are awesome. This? Probably not so much.



Odnetnin said:

I hope the game is not too buggy.

Also I have Alien Breed 2 but haven't played it yet. Maybe I should.



accc said:

It should be noted that this is being made by Wayforward.



LordChimpington said:

I think it looks pretty fun everybody stop being so dang picky. Don't judge the game until you actually play it.



Wolfenstein83 said:

"The bodies of dead bugs can also be used to create power-ups and new defences such as turret guns and barricades."
Well at least that part sounds interesting.
Seems like this could be a WiiWare game though.
And also, omg...a spider just ran across my desk!



ToastyYogurt said:

@Oddy: You have it and haven't played it too? Me niether. Did you get it free during the Steam Summer Camp like me?

Doesn't look like Centipede. I wish that instead of devs and publishers naming games after existing franchises it doesn't relate to very well, they could come up with a different name. (Also applies to Red Steel 2 and probably a bunch of other games)



moosa said:

I wouldn't say it looks terrible by any means. I'm not exactly excited about it but I don't see any reason to start mocking this thing yet.



SonicMaster said:

I'm very glad cockroaches didn't show up in that trailer. I would have stopped it immediately



Supremeist said:

It actually looks really fun. Reminds me of the minigame on CoD: Black Ops in Nazi Zombies. Will be keeping my out for this actually.



jkshaz said:

@Ren Exactly what I was thinking. Seeing this video intrigues me to the possibilities. We'll see.



motang said:

So looking forward to this one, I am going to get this on the Wii. Isn't Wayforward or High Voltage developing this one?



NeoShinobi said:

Eh, I'll probably give it a rent.

It looks more like something like Alien Syndrome rather than Centipede but what ever.



Ren said:

I don't get what the gripes are about. this isn't supposed to be a photo-realistic, thinkers game, it's a free for all blaster thing and looks fun as such. what a bunch of whiners.



Bankai said:

@Ren Here's a whinge for you - Alien Breed is better.

Oh, and it isn't a photorealistic, thinkers game, either. It's just better.



Samholy said:

I had so much fun with Crimson land or Alien breed.
but they were much MUCH less than a 40-45 dollar retail game.

the kind of game i would really like to play, but as an eshop title. for 5-10 dollars. So much 3DS titles i wanna try, so much feel like eshop titles. please devs, take the 3ds as a console, not as a freaking iphone.

ill wait for reviews and if nintendo is nice with us, a demo. not a day one buy, but it still goes on my list for the fun factor. Because shooting stuff is always fun.



Blue_Yoshi said:

Its great to know that all these old arcade games like this and Frogger are getting unique rehashes that dont take away core gameplay which is the downfall to Pac-Man and Galaga Dimensions

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