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Rayman Origins 3DS Screenshots Look Good, Don't They?

Posted by James Newton

The limbless wonder rides again

Rayman Origins is coming to Wii, but 3DS owners will get a version of the game too, and Ubisoft has just sent over some new shots of Rayman Origins on 3DS.

The shots certainly look impressive: the smaller screen doesn't seem to have resulted in a loss of quality for the glorious 2D art that's attracted so much attention since the game's revelation last year. Ubisoft claims the game will include all the same environments as its big brothers, but will make use of some of the 3DS console's new features too.

We're expecting Rayman Origins to land on 3DS and Wii in November.

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Itsa said:

I used to love rayman, let's hope this one is as good as the original



Odnetnin said:

Looking better than I thought they would. About on par with the Vita version, actually.



zeeroid said:

We'll have to see what these "features" turn out to be... it might convince me to buy this on the 3DS instead of the PS3.



pikku said:

Whoa, this game is looking gorgeous. I'll get the 3DS version for sure if I end up getting it at all. Any word yet on online play for 3DS yet?



RebeccaGunn said:

It's good to see the 3DS can handle the 2D art as well as the consoles will. These screen shots please me very much, wonder if it'll have some pop out 3D layering...



Samholy said:

2d platformer... awesome. i hope to see more of these on the 3ds.
too bad im not a rayman fan.
i might try it out, because i admire all that illustration and desogn that makes it look so good and stylish.



OcnCtznRI said:

I've never played any Rayman games yet, though this one looks promising. I think I'll pick this game up, I love platformers. I think having this on the go sounds a lot better than having it on the console version, plus it's cheaper.



daznsaz said:

i remember enjoying rayman on saturn but just went off it would like to see other platformers for 3ds though



Megumi said:

We need more of these kind of games. xD
I was never a fan of Ray Man, and that 3DS game...port....thing....didn't keep me interested long. Hopefully that's different with the 2D games.



Weskerb said:

If it closely resembles the home console versions and has good 3D then I think this wil be the one to get.

By the way, the use of a tag question in a title is kind of weird.



NESguy94 said:

@Shadowflash You should pick up Rayman 3D, it is a remake of one of the best Rayman games. If you don't care about graphics and want the same game you can pick up Rayman 2 the Great Escape for the N64(and others) or Rayman DS. They are all the same game.



JustAnotherUser said:

I love rayman, I even bought the only issue of the official magazine
Can't wait for this, even if it does turn out to be inferior to the console versions I will still get it.



komicturtle said:

No, avoid the DS version. It was the first time i played Rayman 2 and although I liked the game, you're better off playing the 3DS version, 64, Dreamcast or download the PSone version off PSN on PSP or PS3.

Anyhow, I'm definitely getting this version

I have enough games on my other consoles and because it seems to resemble the console versions, I'll gladly pick it up no problem.



brandonbwii said:

I believe the 3DS version isn't coming out until next year, likely February.

Source: Nintendo Power



JimmyWhale said:

Looks very nice! Though I wonder if it will have the co-op... I'll be getting the Wii version either way though



Mao said:

I never really did like Rayman all that much, so I won't be getting this.



Popyman said:

Yeah, I heard the 3DS version was coming out later? If that isn't true, awesome, I'll skip buying the PS3 version then.



James said:

Ubisoft fact sheet I've got says November 2011, but obviously this is liable to change!




Cool because I thought I saw it on one of the earlier 3DS release lists for Feb 2012. Anyway, going to get the 3ds one over the Wii one IF it turns out good.



Rensch said:

Wow! It seems the 3DS and Vita versions will not be any worse than their big-screen counterparts.



Poncho said:

So many games that I have to get, my list can't possibly have anymore. Well I guess one more is alright...



sinalefa said:

I had no idea a 3DS version was also coming. I hope they don't release it in November, so it won't compete against SM3DL.



MakeMyBiscuit said:

It looks really good. It reminds me a lot of the Dreamcast version. Does anyone know if it is a port? If it is, that's not a bad thing because the Dreamcast version was a great game and I had to sell my Dreamcast before I finished it

My mistake. I just looked at the picture and that looks like the one coming out for the Wii. Isn't there another Rayman coming out for the 3DS that looks like the Dreamcast version? I thought I saw a video of it on the 3DS e shop.



CandieBears said:

Can't wait to play it. got this at Target for $15! NOw I just have to hurry up and beat zelda first!

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